Aquaduct bridge thing

Quick flight in between the crappy weather to air the batteries.

Still honing my editing skills, Final Cut Pro makes it easier

Be kind ;o)



Did you shoot with nd filters? Curious about your shutter speed with the flowing water.

This was very impromptu, grab small bag and go so NO filters this time, the shutter was very high and it does look a little artificial.

I got a set of ND last year and used them a lot in France when the weather was good, need to remember them as a part of the set up routine ;o)

I thought the water looked good.

Liked how close you were to ground at one point then out over water.

Looks really good.
Wish I could turn in results like that. Tend to stick to stills.
We need someone to give us a masterclass on video editing.

What a fantastic piece of engineering!

I take it that whole section lifts up? Is it manned by an operator or can anyone lift it?

Aquaduct bridge thing

Loving the technical description Chris :rofl:

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What a fascinating piece of engineering!

Thanks for the link Dave :+1:

I was curious too (and needed a break from beating Davinci Resolve into submission! :stuck_out_tongue: )

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I watch loads of tutorials on editing, the best tip got though was keep the clips to 5-10 seconds each. I’m a still photographer but find myself more and more just flying and leaving the camera running.

This edit took me about an hour but it’s only a minute long and I have about 40 mins of footage to go at.

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Great video! I thought you were going to take the “fly through the bridge” route at the begining! Really nice composition I thought!

Hi mate. Nice subject but You were going to fast on most of shots. No offence though :wink:

I thought the exact same on the edit, i did try a few slowed down on FCPX but it looked a bit too slow with my rule of 10sec max clips, I think the edit is where the ‘movies’ are made, just finding the balance (and free music to match said edit)

Lovely location and video! The only place I can tell that the shutter speed was high was when you faced the water coming over the edge. Great job.

Nice video :+1: