Are there any folks on here using Litchi?

Since I purchased Litchi I have been hooked !
I use DJI go4 just to get the Mavic working and the compass set up, but then switch over to Litchi.

With Litchi, the Mavic does not depend on constant radio communication from the controller,
and I do not have to worry if there is a lost connection when going behind trees and buildings.

Because with Litchi the entire flight data is pre-loaded into the Mavic memory,
and so It does not matter if radio contact is lost for a while,
the Mavic just keeps right on going until the end of the mission.

Another advantage is that the entire flight is stored as a computer file,
so I can fly the exact same course all over again at any time in the future,
even at midnight, and not needingto even touch the sticks.

Here is my recent flight with Litchi, this would be a real struggle trying to control
the Mavic with the sticks manually.

I’ve got Litchi.
Like you said it’s great for waypoint missions and have played about with the Pano feature. I also like the orbit feature if that’s what it’s called.

Dont really use it much though, prefer flying manually.

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I bought Litchi in the Black Friday sales and I’m ashamed to say, I still haven’t got round to using it.

But I will!

I have to!

They’re building a dual carriageway in my back garden (well, six meters from my fence) and when work starts I want to use Litchi to fly weekly repeatable missions to take photos from the exact same spots each time.

Interesting that it loads the entire mission on to the drone in advance and doesn’t need a permanent connection, I didn’t know that :+1:

This is possibly one of the best features !

Also, missions can be stored on the I-phone / Ipad mini 4 in a list, and as soon as one mission ends, with the Mavic pro sitting waiting up in the air, with one tap on the screen, you can upload the next mission, and off it goes on the next mission without even having the bother of landing between the missions.
Saves a lot of wasted flying time.
( until the battery runs down )


Any experience with Autopilot?

I downloaded Autopilot to try it, but then realised that I could not use it on the big screen of a PC, unlike Litchi.
Bit of a struggle trying to make routes on a tiny tablet / phone.

I also discovered that any videos and photos that you take with your drone are not your own.
You send them to Hangar for processing, but then they become the exclusive property of Hangar.

That means Hangar owns your photos, and all publishing rights.
Hangar can sell your photos.
They could potentially take you to court for using or publishing your OWN photos and videos
on Youtube or other web sites.

A big Scam.
'Kin nerve. !
So I dumped the program.

In their terms and conditions of use >>>>>>>>

  1. Title to Aerial Data; Scope of License

4.1. Title. The Aerial Data, all data gathered in connection with a Customer Request for Aerial Data, and all Requested Aerial Data, shall remain the sole and exclusive property of Hangar and Hangar shall retain all right, title, and interest therein, including without limitation, any and all rights existing under United States or foreign copyright laws, whether codified, or existing in the common law or in the courts of equity. Customer shall have no right to make any use of the Requested Aerial Data, or any part thereof, other than under the terms provided herein.


Hi Dave
Is that part of the Autopilot T&Cs or the Hanger 360 pano app? The latter I know takes your copyright, well you sign it over to them, but is this the case on Autopilot? I don’t see how it would be enforceable on Autopilot unless you are forced to upload the recorded files to their servers and I’ve not seen any such requirement in any of the documentation I’ve read so far…could you comment further on this?

I’m interested in some of the more complex features that Autopilot has over Litchi but I won’t sign my copyright over

Many thanks

Hello Tim,

I only downloaded autopilot to have a look at it,
Did not sign up for it.
Then I read the terms and conditions.

Looks like you send your series of pictures to the Hangar website …
They process the images and stitch them all into a single Pano image file.

You retrieve your Pano image from their website.
They own the image rights.

After another look …
Seems to be just the Pano App.
I don’t know if this applies to normal videos or single photos
taken when using their Autopilot, they do not make this clear.

But I am not happy with using a company with such dodgy
terms and conditions, so I deleted it all.