Ashdown Forest, East Sussex

Apparently they have their own bylaws.

Has anyone got clear info or experience?

Lots of threads on Byelaws

Long and short of it, ‘they’ can stop you taking off and landing on land that they own, however they have no powers to stop you flying over anywhere that isn’t in a NFZ.

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Great thanks.

So I need to find a map of the area enclosing the Ashdown Forest, take off outside that area and then overfly within the rules.

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Run by GADC, only resource you’ll ever need

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Yup. Found that and enjoyed scanning it.

No mention of Ashdown Forest but I’ll figure it out.

As I say they have no right to stop a drone flying over as you do of stopping BA flying over your house.

Have a read of this article, quite close to home

Thanks. Yup. I found that article and took it all on board.

Just trying to build up enough confidence and knowledge to overfly.