Asking Permission to fly FPV from a Farmer, advice needed

So there are quite a few empty fields not far from my house that would be ideal to fly my FPV Freestyle drones on. No crops, no livestock, etc…

However I don’t know any of the farmers, nor have I interacted with any farmers ever really.

I was wondering what the best way to obtain permission is. How to find out who owns the land, how best to approach them, in person, phone? etc… What has worked well for others?

A key point is that this is for FPV Freestyle, not camera drone usage… So far more swooping around, etc.

Trouble is,YOU may get permission and then others who see you flying may use the field with NO permission. Result…you get kicked off…
There are a lot of thoughtless people around.

Yes, this is something I considered, but that’s just something to worry about after getting permission.

Lets get that far first!

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Good luck (Make a portable board with No Flying without permission…and erect it near the field entrance when you fly!!) :rofl:


Ideally I’d chose a field well away from roads anyway.

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Interesting post (had missed it mate).

The group I met with yesterday for the first time hire (for £50) a field (literally in the middle of no where) every time they go (dry Sundays when warmer!). They charge £5 per person to turn up.

I actually asked how they had made this arrangement, and they had arranged this by a member who was working in a pub was talking to a guy who turns out owned a lot of land. So they just asked, he said come along and show me, and look at the fields, and boom… 4 years later still going.

I’ve wondered locally about it (like you so many fields that’d be suitable), but I can’t see my getting the courage to ask/find out. Would want more people involved too (group flying is great). Only done two the Willington meet and then this one yesterday.

I think a lot of luck involved to get that kind of arrangement…

Yeah, I don’t hardly ever go in a local pub…

It is the best idea for a small group. say 12 at the most.
Everybody chip in for the rent in advance tho…IF you can get a field over a year at least

TBH I don’t think you should ask, if you’re sticking to CAA rules you are fine regardless, if you’re flying so low you could annoy someone in the field and be accused of trespass just do it in an empty field.

Unless you want to set a course out or something?


Or ditch it and end up on someone’s land getting it back (always more of an issue than the camera ships)

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Flying FPV even with a spotter I wouldn’t want to just use it on a field in middle of nowhere without the owners permission.

What I did with our local farmers was to explain that I had a drone with a camera attached, asked for permission to fly over their fields, whilst explaining that no crops would be damaged by so doing and that when over-flying any livestock would be done at a height commensurate to not disturbing any of the animals.
How I “sweetened” the deal was by explaining that if ever they needed video/ still pictures to “inspect” their crops, then I would be more than happy to facilitate.
I got a resounding “no problem mate” from three farmers and so can fly on most fields surrounding where we live.
( there was one miserable bastard who said no, so now I just launch from the path and stick to CAA
rules over his land. )

Did you just turn up at their farms or did you do something else?

Quite… I’ll only be flying over land I have permission to enter.

I was able to catch each of them in turn whilst out and about.
I live in a small village and the three that said yes also live nearby.
The one who said no is well known locally for being “cantankerous” ( being kind)

I wouldn’t go that far, yiu might never end up in the air.

As long as you TOAL from public rights of way the law is on your side (as long as there are no flight restrictions)

FPV is different as they have a habit of crashing everywhere :wink:

Exactly why I HAVE to go that far… obvious exceptions being bandos!

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Playing fields are good, always nice short grass and usually do goal posts to hit.

See this is where I struggle to find FPV legal. I’m scared to do this. So I have a spotter, a park with goal posts… Drone is over 250 (under 600). So need to be 150m from any building… Also People! I dunno. There a great playing field near me would love to do it.

Does artivle 16 allow you to FPV in “built up” areas used for recreation over 250g? If so I’ll get it now.

(Obvs all with spotters, though seen plenty of FPV footage with no spotters).

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Yes that’s what I’m using now. But they’re starting to get busy with dog walkers and the 3" gecko I have is so fast it keeps going out-of-bounds. The 5" I’m building needs a LOT more space!

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