Attempting first video

Hi all I’m hoping someone might be able to give me just a little nudge with there knowledge please
I did check topic and posts first but could not see anything that answered my question although there is topics of Similar

Today I am going to attempt my first video / edit , I understand some but not all , so for instance I will be going to a place of fields , trees and still water , so nothing will be really moving in the video / frame , I shan’t be going fast just at a slow pace getting the feel for things , I have my cine mode set up within the fly app and I’m going to try my new cine sticks , today we’re I live or area the sun is sort of in out but half bright day ,

Ok so I’d like to have a go at setting up the iso / fps / 1080 or 4k etc , I also have ND filters if needed , can anyone advise me a go to setting to get started please , just the basics would be great then I will try and make something out of it in post then share it , I think one of my fears I will call it is if it comes out the drone jerky , if so is there a way that can possibly be ironed out ? Long and short I’ve always tried things in auto but want to learn the manual , would really appreciate a thought or two …… Many thanks

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Slow and stead with the drone movements. Try and get as much footage as you can.

This is a good video to make a list of different moves and shots. I have written a few out and have them in a little list in my book so I can tick them off.

Locking white balance is something I also forgot to do. If your on a DJI I think you just tap the screen to lock it. This way the clip stay the same as you pan.

The main thing though is just get out, do it then get home edit something and post it. Learn by doing. My first video isn’t amazing but it’s better than I wished for. Post it up here and ask for critical feedback. Then if you have to re edit or take that feedback into next video.

At some point the best people at this were about to do there first video with the same thoughts.

Remember also this is meant to be fun!!!


Cheers mate I’ll watch that , yes I have a pen & book at most times , it’s not so much the moves it’s the settings , I’m just waiting for me battery’s then I’m off :smile: I’m not bothered about criticism no matter how it turns out ill be sure to post !
Once again thanks

Watch this whilst you waiting

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Thankyou , I missed that as I usually watch Darren on YT , good starting point :point_up:t2: those 7 drone moves the beginning and the end and the bits in between , I like that theory :+1:t2:

I’m from the same wee country as that youtuber but his fuffing accent goes through me and can only listen to him for few seconds :scream::hear_no_evil::hear_no_evil::hear_no_evil::hear_no_evil:

For video, I mainly leave it on Auto. I don’t generally use ND filters, but do have them. Colour correction and grading is done in post. For photos, it depends on the time of day, target, etc.

The best single thing you can do to improve the quality of footage is to adjust your gimbal settings. Obviously, there are other things that you can do, but if I had to say what adds the most value … it is this.

Settings below for the Air 2:

Settings for Normal:
Pitch Speed: Low: 6 - 10
Pitch smoothness: High: Android 20 - 25 iOS: 70 - 90
Rotational Yaw Speed: Low: 20 - 50
Yaw Smoothness: High: Android 20 - 25 iOS: 70 - 90
Adjust accordingly for Sports Mode or Cine Mode!

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Have a story in mind, beginning, middle and end.

Keep clips at 5-10 seconds.

Don’t antagonise security or five o.


Cheers guys I’m just on my way home , rain stalled most !
I’ll read and watch video when I get home , tried with cine sticks too mmm was shaking and felt restricted with sticks to much :scream::smile:

But if you do… film and post it :grin:

Video very jerky , I was recording in 4k 25 fps iso 100 shutter speed 1/50 ND 8
Mov h265 :thinking: any ideas anyone , many thanks

Edit , I have the sd card plugged into my I phone 12 and it does not do the above , it’s very smooth.

New Mac needed

Convert it to 264 (use handbrake) and see if that’s any better

What’s that buddy , I’ll post the other little test here ,
From the phone it’s of no interest just test :+1:t2:

Handbrake !!

Will convert the video

Your Mac isn’t quick enough to play 265 I’d guess

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Ignore the colours just seeing what’s possible within the phone , thanks

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I found that if that’s what you meant , I’ll give that a go first , tomorrow h264 with mov still or mp4 would you know , failing that I’ll get a new Mac , that said I have an i7 v core dell , don’t know much about computers but the Mac is 2012 but maxed out with ram 500 ssd i5 , probably dated I guess , many thanks :+1:t2:

If you’re editing on your Mac then keep it as .mov

Is there an I pad that’s a good standard rather than another laptop does anyone kindly know , or if another Mac what should I get spec wise
Thanks in advance for any thoughts

After my first attempt at doing a video today I was up against the weather and had to keep stoping ,
Then when I came home to edit I think I’ve come to the conclusion ( I need a new Mac ) it can’t keep up ,
So I threw the clips into my phone and had a play in I movie , this short video has no meaning just trying to learn some basics ,
Chucked a couple of photos in at the end of the clip , I’m not looking for any applause , just seeing if the phone has any capabilities until I get a new Mac or I pad , feel free to have a giggle on me

I am by no means an expert but here is what I feel.

This all looks smooth and ok, some of your shots change direction half way through which is a little jerky. But it’s a good start point.

What are you using to edit on you Mac? I know in premier Pro you can uses low Res versions of the video called proxies to edit quicker and with less power.

Check out

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