Atti mode on DJI Mini 2

Hi guys since the latest update on the Mini 2 I’ve been getting the Atti mode warning on and off but never before the latest update. I’ve calibrated the IMU and compass since the update and I wanted to refresh the firmware but DJI assist doesn’t seem to be working on the Mini 2 yet. Any suggestions please would be appreciated. Thanks.

Since updating to latest firmware and fly app I keep getting the atti mode warning although I have 24+ satellites, though I’m getting the warning it doesn’t seem to be in atti mode as it doesn’t drift and still returns to home.
Unfortunately DJI assist isn’t supported yet on Mini 2 and I can’t refresh or roll back the firmware. Anyone else having this issue. It was fine before the update.


Same here, “Atti mode” every couple of minutes!

I’ve just tried a flight using old android app with no issues so it looks as though the problem is with the new iOS app.

Are you using iOS?

Yes mate, on an old iPhone 6 (missus’ old phone). My iPhone 11 won’t fit in the holder in it’s case, and I can’t be arsed to keep taaking it out!

No issues at all today. But I am on Android.


I really hate show offs!

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I’ve just tried flying with a galaxy s6 with the original android fly app with no issues so I’m going to update the android app to latest and try again but it is looking like a problem with the updated iOS app. Hopefully iOS will fix it soon.

Thanks for the feedback Fred :+1:t2:

That’s the only time I’ve heard Androids work better than iOS on DJI!

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There have been other times.

Don’t forget, DJI know far more about Android than they do iOS, since all their drones (since about the P3, perhaps earlier) have Android OS for onboard firmware.


So why can’t they put up to date versions of Android on the SC and CrystalSky?


Different teams, firmware and apps?

Prioritise iOS users? Apple kick-back?

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No issues here on iOS, flown 4 batteries in last 2 days.

2 batteries dinner time, “Atti mode” message every couple of minutes. Firmware/App all up to date.

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Tried with the drone attached to the batteries? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

NYE beer taking over! :+1:


Updated all of my batteries at the same time, don’t fly and drink!

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Spoil sport! :smiling_imp:

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It’s only because you might spill it on an expensive piece of kit, just thinking of the drone mate!