Austin Texas

Hi everyone, travelling to Austin Texas. Any advice appreciated, using Virgin Airlines from Heathrow, seems to be no problems. A bit unclear about flying there, looks to be a drone friendly place, seems to look like many places to fly as long I’m 5 miles from the airport. DJI mini pro. Anyone flown a drone there? I have TRUST certificate, thanks


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If you are under 250g you don’t need to register your drone or display a number.

Be aware of airports. The USA has many.

I use the following apps in the USA - Air Control, B4UFLY and Opensky.

You can self unlock several areas via Air Control, but you will require a US phone number to register yourself.

Enjoy flying…

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Took my Mini SE to Long Island, New York via Virgin in my hand luggage. No problems. Just packed each battery separately dotted around the rest of the hand luggage case. No queries, no inspections. So long as you have your appropriate US certification — enjoy.

Thanks Leslie, think i just need TRUST certificate that I already have, runs out in June. Paid 5$ to register it, don’t think I really needed to, but belt and braces! Thanks for your reply :white_check_mark:

No need if under 250g.

However you will need to display the number now that it is registered.

Adding to this post. Rang Virgin a week ago, told as expected all drone equipment in carry on luggage. My wife spotted today it’s changed, rang again today, told changed very recently and now the drone only has to put in check in luggage. Obviously when you get to security you’ll be unable to get it back to check in baggage. Maybe need to check if other airlines to other destinations have/intend to implement this policy.