Autel Dragonfish

This new Dragonfish looks pretty cool.

2 hour flight time, 18 mile range, 67mph top speed out of the box, vertical take off and landing.

Where do I sign??


Gotta love the FCC database leaks :slight_smile:

External-photo-5017094.pdf (386.3 KB)

Manual-5017042.pdf (1.4 MB)

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Really cool indeed, but this “toy” would most definitely break the bank.
Not a consumer product.

If they take credit cards, it’s a consumer product :slight_smile:





I’ll just mention this again…

The Dragonfish offers a maximum flight time of up to 120 minutes and a
video transmission range of 30 km


Flight controls may look familiar too:

Ten millimetre hovering accuracy with RTK.

67MPH forward speed, before we even mention the word “mod” :crazy_face:

This thing is insane.

Quick start manual / guide, for the curious :wink:

0335b6cef634faaa05d4cdd1d577129d.pdf (5.2 MB)

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Looks Militant, any price tag on this beast yet? Got a good bonus coming up :joy: