Autel Evo III - Rumours, leaks and gossip

A thread covering rumours, leaks and gossip about the Autel Evo III.

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The Pro model is touted as having a Micro Four Thirds (MFT 4/3) camera, which will put it on par with the Zenmuse X5 cameras available for the DJI Inspire range :scream:

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Oh FFS! :see_no_evil:

Sorry man :confused:

That (mythical?) Mavic 3 of yours didn’t look like it would match the specs of the Evo II anyway, never mind the Evo III.

I have no idea how you’re gonna sleep tonight :exploding_head:

Googling ‘Fusion zoom’ :smiley: lol just saying what I’m doing not how I’m going to sleep

Like the Zenmuse Z3 that combines Optical zoom and Digital zoom together.

You need an Autel Mini Lite Evo III … admit it!

Oh? That isn’t an option?

Best get all three then! :+1:

On top of a mattress made out of wads of £10 notes until he decides what to spend it on :laughing:

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