Auto tracking DJI Air 2S

For some reason I don’t seem to get the smart auto tracking options appearing on the controller of my Air2S. Looked at a number of online videos which spear to show that when video is selected and you choose the tracking options they appear at the bottom of the screen. Doesn’t give me the option when I try it. Is auto tracking only available in certain modes? Any constructive suggestions welcomed. Cheers.

I believe there are resolution limitations using auto tracking on the Air 2s



@Onanist grateful for prompt feedback. Do you have a recommendation on which video settings to use to get best results for auto tracking for daylight flights?

The few times I have used it have been at 4K 30fps which seems fine.

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@Onanist , perfect most appreciated. Not long in this game. All the best, Brendan :+1:

Auto tracking options don’t appear on higher frame rates. I have to switch from 60fps to 30 fps or lower for the option to display.

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@Datmandan many thanks for getting back to me. Good to know. Cheers.