Auxilary Light relief

Took the M2P out for night flight to try and grab pics of a nearby railway crossing. A deserted spot where I was hoping to capture a moody aerial shot of the crossing itself. (didnt as it happens).

The crossing was only about 650m away and given the 300ft (ish) height I could easily see the LEDS on the very clear pitch black night.

Now then, I was trying to frame the shot and grab some videos, the battery dropped to 25% and the alarm were going off on the controller so decided to head back but as I looked up I could not see the M2P anywhere, despite me having not moved it from its position.

So panic took over (Panic of a novice with his barely 2 week old M2P:scream:) so I pointed the drone back in the right direction according to the map and drone icon on the Go4 app map and headed for home but I still couldnt see the darn thing (honest it was there a minute ago!). So after about 5 secs I hit the return home and I could just about hear it but not see it. Soooo I switched on the auxiliary lights and there it was practically above me. Very relieved!!

Thing was, what happened to the red front lights ?? do they switch off to conserve battery? it scared the willies out of this novice.

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Was it recording video? The front LEDs would be off in that case.

However … check this thread out! Same thing in just a few days … and never heard of it before.

Also - consider strobes for night flight.

Club members get a discount for Flytron strobes.

Search the forum for “Flytron” or “Strobes” and there’s a few threads about people using/fitting/etc.

Whilst I have them - I don’t always use. I did when it was damned foggy, recently, and was amazed how high, immediately above me, I could still see them.

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Aaaaaaah. When I got the drone back it had been shooting video (its return journey).

Aah ha!! Thankyou for that. Makes sense I guess :grin::see_no_evil:


They SHOULD come back on when you stop recording.

There’s a setting for whether you want them to switch off (briefly) when you take stills. (I can’t recall the default setting.)

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Was this a sudden/unexpected drop in battery %% ?

Also …

Is this an M2P feature, or something you’ve added?
(I’ve never seen one yet. :wink: )

Yes its the auxillary lights on the bottom of the M2P. They can be switched on manually, they usually come on when landing in poor light.

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Ahhhh! Coool! #want! :wink:

Sorry, no the battery had been dropping as expected. Nothing wrong there. I’d let it drop to 25% as I was pretty close to the take off location so wasnt concerned.

I think with the battery warning coming on and the LEDs going off and not being aware that that was case when shooting vids it threw me for sure :stuck_out_tongue:

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Very useful to know. Thankyou:+1:

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Really got to up my Blockquote game lol


+1 :+1: for the bottom AUX light - I used it a fair bit on Bonfire night (M2Z) - very cool turning it on to locate it when it’s up in the darkness :slight_smile:
This didn’t stop me trying to take it out of the sky, inadvertantly, with a 50-shot firework though - no smooth panning - just lots and lots of up :rofl:
(Best video of the night though :wink: )
Quick Frame grab for reference


Whilst considering the issue of the LEDs, I overlooked the fact that your post really does seem to have been concerning enough to justify awarding you the Buttock Clencher badge! :+1:
Now awarded!


Buttock clencher!! I love it!

Serious a: how do I switch in auxiliary lights? Am planning my first night flight at the weekend… anything else I need to know!?
Great pace this.


HAA HAA There’ll be many more Butt clenching moments to come im sure! :joy::+1:

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I’ve assigned the aux light to one of the C buttons. Finding it pretty useful esp at night. Amazing how much light it throws downward too.

There is an option within Go4 for Auto / Off / On . Wish I could remember exactly where it is in the app! :see_no_evil:


@sunstone thanks. Will try that.