Avata Collision

Out on the ebike today, got soaked through …twice. Had the M3P and Avata with me.

Final run with the Avata ended abrubtedly :man_facepalming:

I heard the collision and then lost video. I walked to the fence post, couldn’t see the Avata anywhere. I played back the footage in the goggles and saw where it collided. I guessed that it would be damaged, doing 30+ mph straight into a post. It even took a chunk out of the gate (which was off it’s hinges).

Unfortunately, the gate was surrounded by knee high grass and nettles. About 5 minutes in, I found the Avata … but the battery had ejected :confounded:

Spent the next 40 minutes looking, but light was fading, and it had started raining again. I assumed the battery being smaller/lighter would have been thrown further than the Avata (which was about 7m from impact). I had just about given up, when I found it.

Got back home, powered it all up, and it works fine. I tell ya … these machines are very well built.


That is amazing, make you realise how weak the other drones are

'kin hell Chris - you really twatted that gatepost good and proper :clap: :clap: :clap:

Amazing the Avata wasn’t damaged but pleased it wasn’t :+1: :+1: :+1:

Grad that you survived the impact mate and most importantly found the drone and battery.

Any damage at all?

Nothing at all. I spent a minute or so examining it. I honestly thought it would be major damage, whilst doing the walk of shame. At least damage to the camera or prop guards. But nothing. These Avatas are solid.

Just glad I found that battery, since they’re £109 a pop. May look at something to strap it in, in case this happens again :zipper_mouth_face:

Looks like this may do the job …

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That’s great news mate. I’ve very tempted to get one after having a fly of Steve’s.

Will have to see what Santa brings :santa::santa:

You need a 3D printer. :laughing:

Then you could knock something like this off.

Actually might be worth checking Thingiverse…

I take you were aiming for the gap between the wires…:thinking:

Erm … nope … between the gate posts :confounded:

2 seconds before the impact, I was being clipped by long grass (to the left of the gate), and over corrected too much to the right. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it.

There’s a few to go at. This one looks the simplest, although I’m not convinced of its staying power, just from looking at it.

Happy to print some off and send them down if you like.

That looks spot on, Jez. I’ll happily pay for your troubles (material, postage and a beer) :clap:

That’s not the way we do things around here. Not for the little stuff, anyway. Pay it forward. :wink:

That’s a huge gap to miss….:clown_face:

@clinkadink Should have said the wires… the wires every time…

Wow, what a surviable drone, but if flying like that, yeah you want a buzzer if the batteries eject… Do like the look of the avatar, seems they went with strong over the weak FPV one! Speaking of which, must return my dodgy battery, they ain’t cheap are they… ergh

I confess, I feel my credit card twitching. Maybe wait and see if we get a Christmas bonus at work. :grin:

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Ohhh yeah, wonder if they do christmas bonuses in my new job… We’ve had a good year so far so better. I’d only need the drone, that £500… Nope, not this yeah, don’t do it…

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Correct. The wires :lying_face:

I find it highly annoying that there’s no kit with a “proper” controller. :angry:

Heh yeah, I have the goggles (well v2 work) and the remote, not the motion remote, which I used once on the FPV and is cool, but wouldn’t use it other than “showing it off” I guess…