Avata video Steenbras Nature Reserve, Cape Town, South Africa

Slow circuit covering mountains and sea at the Steenbras Nature Reserve near Cape Town.


Beautiful scenery. I love South Africa but we go to Hoedspruit so not allowed our drones as we are on safari and need to keep the animals safe. :sunglasses:

Stunning scenery. Thanks for the up :+1:

Similar footage here, just higher over the mountains and lower over the sea

If you have goggles 2, try the head tracking mode. You’ll get some cracking footage of those waves crashing on the rocks from a top down perspective.

Again, gorgeous scenery :+1:.

Thanks for the tip. I do have the goggles 2, so will give it a try.

I am a total newbie on all this and your sugestion sent me down a rabbit hole of YouTube Avata how-to videos etc. In a good way! So much to try out.

For others, a good place to start: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXv6LqjumxVItGtrls46-jQ-9zUgG3Lap

Thanks again!

Just take it slow at first with the headtracking it can be quite disorientating and vomit inducing🤮. Don’t be put off though, I tried it for five minutes and told myself I wouldn’t be going back, but I did and it’s only now and then if I’m not paying attention that it’ll throw my head into a spin🤣.

Man if I lived with scenary like what you have in your back yard the mortgage wouldn’t be getting paid, I’d be out every day flying. Gorgeous place👍

Ps It’s not a how to, but I found a way of flying backwards with the motion controller and headtracking. Here’s one of my vids. Enjoy.

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