Back from a break

Having had many drones over the years, and selling up a couple of times due to the hassle I seemed to encounter, I bought myself a Mini 2 having been out for a whole year.

The change in the laws made me think things should be a lot better for us drone users.

So far, so good, although it does seem very strange flying in locations I would never have dreamed of before!

The Mini 2 is a fantastic little drone, but I am getting a bit frustrated with lower quality I am seeing with the photgraphy side of it. I cant seem to get anywhere near the same quality as my M2Pro I had last. I suppose that should be expected given the size of the camera etc, although ive been really pleased with the video in comparison.

So, my next thought is, do I upgrade to a M2P again, and get the A2 C of C, which would allow me to fly in almost the same conditions as the mini 2?

But, what happens to the M2P at the end of 2022? Seems to me that the A2 C of C and buying a bigger drone is a bit pointless at the moment, can anyone confirm…maybe the A2 will be needed for the M3?


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Welcome back my man :smiley:

There is zero sign of DJI making a Mavic 3 :man_shrugging:t2:

To the point of the Mavic brand name seemingly being killed off as DJI have removed the Mavic name from all three drones they’ve released over the last 12 months.


Welcome back , I have a M2P and a mini 2 I did take the A2CofC but mostly because I already have the M2P , to be honest I find I mostly use the mini 2 as my go to drone as it’s a fantastic little beast , before I invest in anything else I will waiting for the CE classification even though that might be a long wait .


A2 CofC courses are fairly cheap nowadays (around £50 including exam) and, depending on location and weight of aircraft, the qualification gives more scope for flying near to people and objects. The alternative is the Article 16 Authorisation available with BMFA or FPVUK membership.

A few minutes playing with Good 2 Go convinced me that I had enhanced privileges with my Mavic Air (sub 500 grams) and A2 and Art 16.

What does scare me is that the sub 250gram class is so unrestricted. The aircraft in that category tend to be relatively cheap and appeal to first time flyers. A proportion of these are the type of person who unboxes an item, ignores the instructions and fires up the new shiny straight away with little knowledge or understanding of any responsibilities that come with ownership.


Unless they want to keep it purely for the Mavic drones?

They can hardly just call it 3

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Sorry, I meant they removed it from what we’re originally Mavic-branded drones.

Mavic Mini became just “Mini 2”

Mavic Air 2 became just the “Air 2S”



Totally agree with the new toy thing. Guess we will always be battling against ignoreance.

I am a member of FPV UK, but to be honest, I couldnt get my head around the wording of that Article. … I will have to try harder :slight_smile:

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It depends where you read about A16. If it is an article aimed at fixed-wing flyers it is confusing.

But give Good 2 Go a good thrashing. Select from the list of aircraft or put in the weight of a custom and then select no qualification, A2 CofC, Art 16 or both and you can see what difference having the qualifications make to you.

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