Baddesley Ensor Via Duct (North Warwickshire)

Tried something different to the drone videos that i usually do with my DJI Pocket 2


What a crackerjack video! Thought I’d wandered over every part of this bit of land - had absolutely no idea this was there. Have you stumbled across what locals refer to as “the underground house” just down the road in Baxterley? - it’s actually an 18th century lime works with the mine adits leading underground off the central ‘courtyard’ of the complex. Beautifully built from local sandstone and brick and is now right on the ragged edge of total collapse. It’s worth the effort to track it down and film a short before it ends up nothing more than a hole in the ground. I’d do it myself - but I ain’t got the skill-set with video/video editing.

Thats on my places to visit, just need to find somewhere to park and then run across the farmers field lol

Also if your local i have a drone group on facebook called Tamworth Drone Operators if you want to join

Park up at either the Rose Inn (red spot) or the sheltered dwelling scheme visitors parking (blue spot) and then walk down the bridle path marked in red to the site (green spot).

Also had no idea this was there! Although I’ve only lived in the area a couple of years so I can probably be forgiven.

There’s a lot of hidden history around this area - just up the road a ways: there is also a tunnel which leads from the Baddesley ridge straight down onto Merevale land - about 1,200 feet long with a drop of about 200 feet - it can be found on the old 1880 O/S map. No-one has the faintest idea what it is: or what function it performed - but there it still is. Further towards what is now the recycling centre just outside Dordon: you’ll find the remains of a parish church and graveyard hidden in dense woodland. That is a really sad site because there is clear evidence of grave robbery.

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I might have a look around later today. OH is ill so weekend plans have gone to shit. Or rather I should say I suddenly have a free weekend to do what I want. Woohoo.

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I parked at the red circle and then walked down the old railway line,


I have seen a video on youtube about the tunnel and also wanted to find the old grave yard myself


Did some exploring yesterday.

Managed to find the ‘underground house’ (will add pics to thread later haven’t had time to go trough them yet) and the viaduct (already documented well enough so won’t share my pictures)

I found the remains of the graveyard. There’s no obvious remains of a church but I assume it stood a little higher up. Again will post pics when I get chance to go through them. Some of the headstones date back to the 1790s

@Dr0newerks if you want to find the graveyard it’s actually not far from where you originally parked for the Viaduct.

I had no luck trying to find the tramway and after 5 or so hours of walking around yesterday I gave up, I was probably looking in the wrong place. If you’re up for finding it Steve, give me a shout. As if do find it it doesn’t exactly look like the place one should probably enter alone in case something goes awry.

Couple of interesting Youtube videos on it, I only found the second one this morning. I’ll give it a deeper watch later to see if I can recognise any landmarks that might give an inkling of where exactly it is.

Or perhaps @clinkadink might be up for giving Baddesley Ensor his docu treatment

Sounds like a fascinating site!

Maybe LiDAR will help. I will see what it shows up and post back.

After watching that second video i now know where the tunnel is, its not far from where i parked when i did the house underground video