Bambu Lab 3D Printers

@yorkie9668 , I thought we can start a new tread here so we don’t clog up the other thread…

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@yorkie9668, did you print my sample using tree support?

I’m in the process of converting the slicer description language compared to Simplify3D…:crossed_fingers:

Yes thin touching bed only, no brim

OK, I’ve got to this point which is very much like S3D, I need to identify the extrusion overlap too although it’s not crucial to the below model.

There’s a drone design of mine which flies beautifully printed in PLA which I’ll print in PET-C at some point.
Have you used overlap setting in any of your prints?

As below, no need to use the normal supports, but try a few different ways, as for the other I have no idea, I just print, print, print, don’t adjust much if I’m honest


Still thinking in S3D I didn’t see the “Slim”, looks like it shaves off a whole minute off print time…

Thanks a lot that’s something new I’ve leant…

Have you also made sure you have selected the PLA-CF in types and same with the hot end, 0.4mm X1C which selects the Hardened hot end
Filaments left, select the gear icon, then make sure you have all the types of filament you might need selected, they will then be available in the drop downs

Yes thanks, by the way fancy a play with this Grey Arrows Logo Key Fob print I designed some years ago and got forgotten?

Have you got the colours in PLA to paint it? I’m yet to get to painting…:crossed_fingers:

This reminds me I’ll need to buy a point .2 nozzle…

You can change the colours in Bambu Labs even if you don’t yet have the colours, then paint, then save the file, oir send it to the printer to store ready to print once you have the right colours

OK got it, same as when I save factory files in Microsoft Excel for S3D, I’ll stop being a pain and go for a read…

No probs

First generic ABS print, the printer wouldn’t accept the Engineering Plate until I had done a flow calibration for the K value.
I just couldn’t find the information in the manual winged it…:thinking:

K value of 0.01

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Have you found the Bambu Labs WiKi yet?
There are videos and instructions for virtually everything to do with the BL range, and also on virtually every possible issue with Bambu Studio and Bambu Handy

Yes but……I’m a victim of skip reading…:shushing_face:

I’ve been too rushed, what with other projects and duties….:hot_face:

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Powering up the LED board, lit an idea in my head…:thinking:

I’ve seen quite a few lighting ideas for the printer which is rather dark inside despite it’s built in light bar.


So from this…

To this….:grin:

I’m seriously impressed with this printer, it’s turning prototyping into a pleasure with it’s speed and accuracy.

This part would have taken 1Hr 3min on my other printer, the quality would be very acceptable.

All in it took 19 minutes on standard speed….:astonished:

Yes great machines, just wish I was able to do attempt making my own models, I just can’t get to grips with the CAD software, years ago I would have zipped through it