Bambu Lab 3D Printers

Which one have you tried?

Not really tried any to be honest, did start watching one freecad I think, a video on YT but he had a Mac Book so I gave up

Soz, I’d forgotten I’d asked before… :person_facepalming:

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No need to apologise mate

Came across something to do with a coating one can apply to the nozzle to stop filament sticking but I can’t remember where… :thinking:

Have you come across anything like that?


This is it, came across a YouTube clip where the chap said he’s had good results, I’ve ordered a can and I’ll let you know how it performs.

There’re some process settings I’d like to change, such as the purge temperature, if printing the same reel there’s no need to purge 100+mm at 250C. I understand it’s necessary when moving from dissimilar filaments and colours but it’s a waste of filament and time and has on two occasions stuck to the nozzle and got pulled onto the build plate and job.

When I get to print a generic filament I’ll hopefully find I can tweak, I’ve changed the Nozzle retraction for the free Bambu PLA which has reduced oozing significantly.

I’ve skipped first layer inspection as I can tell if it’s good enough by eyeballing it, as it stands the first layer has been perfect every time. It removes the cooling and reheat oozing which introduces a blob at the start of the print.

Been reading up…

Sliced and ready for testing… :pray:

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Currently in Edinburgh but can you email me the stl please

Will do

Wouldn’t have been able to print these for the wing, PLA prototype for PLA-Carbon leading and training edge, it all started with wanting to stiffen the trailing edge and without going to the extreme of balsa wood replacements.

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I had a closer look when I got time and realised that I’d not fully grasped the paint tool, it also occurred to me that as it’s round I could follow the RAF Roundel of Blue, White and Red.

I’ll drop you the sliced plate file which I hope will include the AMS settings should you need to change your filament around… :thinking:

Started printing small precision engineering .STEP parts for later carbon infused, I’ve found Bambu slicer isn’t plug and play. It’s fast but the parts don’t fit, the tune journey begins with holes, I’ll be printing the same test in both .stl and .step for comparison.

Having setup a custom profile with adjusted XY hole compensation, part edited G.code for less purge, I thought I’d test print an old design.

The filament is Sunlu+ RED which I’m hoping to finalise it’s high speed printing profile… :crossed_fingers:

I need a decent blue to do my son a Chelsea light for Xmas, so yesterday I ordered 5 new rolls without spool because I have spares and the marble build set, they arrived this morning, 24hrs after ordering, I think BL have really upped their game with deliveries

I’ve been looking but not decided but need to use my discount, have you printed their tough PL?

Would you like to try an experiment which doesn’t involve anything other than changing the XY hole compensation? the reason I’m asking is I need to eliminate any possibility that it’s my printer XY carriage that is marginally out of true.

It requires a 10mm drill bit with a clean shank to test, here’s the file, print it and see if it fits the shank, a default profile and speed. If it doesn’t I relay the setup for you to test.

20mm (2.3 KB)

Got this printed with XY compensation, perfect fit, no ringing, it may only apply to the Sunlu+…

Also finalised the motor yoke which I’ll test dynamically once printed with PET-C and or ABS….:crossed_fingers:

Printed it, is this right?

Yes, see if it fits over a 10mm drill bit, it should be a snug fit.

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