Barlborough Hall - Added to Historic Buildings in East Midlands

I have just added this to the map of places to fly your drone at Drone Scene - Location # 593

Land owner permission obtained.

The site is a 16th century historic family seat of Sir Francis Rhodes but became a prep school just prior to WW2. As such, permission is absolutely needed.

Advice: I suggest asking for permission after the school day is finished or for during school holidays It used to be a boardign school but is now purely for day pupils… I was granted permission but I am an ex-pupil which may have influnced teh yes - you may have a different result. If you do ask, then the administrative office is a aprt of Mount St Mary’s College about 2 miles or so away.

Access & Parking: If permission is granted then the only access is by parkign in the village and walking down the long magnificent driveway which will lead to lots of photo opporunities.

Future info: HS2 will pass very close by so access and permissions may change according to building works for the line.


LOL - just realised my original text says perp school, rather than Prep school. If one of the team would like to edit this then please do so :rofl: :rofl:

Some of the ex pupils, and still friends, may also say it was a perp school!

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Done. :+1:

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