The Daily Photo Thread

Thanks Dave :+1:

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Hi Callum - What version of Prem Pro are you using? I know I get regular codec updates for Pr 2021.

Good to see the Disney Magic back in service. Here she’s heading out from Southampton after spending most of her time berthed in Dover.


Pontoons in place for the Southampton Boat Show, I see.

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I was wondering what the empty marina was for!

Aye lad - indeed I do and in fact it looks like a scaled down version of one of my schools :smiley: Barlborough Hall - Added to Historic Buildings in East Midlands

A few pics of Meadow Mill, Stockport.

This cotton mill was built in the 1880s, and is in the process of being converted into 213 apartments.


I’ve still got about 30 days left on my Affinity Photo trial and I really haven’t used it that much so I thought I’d try out the HDR merge with some shots from my visit to Heage Windmill this evening.

Five photos taken with the DJI Mini ranging from -3 to +1 EV.


Some images from my place of work today, Brig o’ Doon House Hotel in Alloway (the birth place of Robert Burns) in Ayrshire. I’ve photographed and filmed weddings all over Scotland, but this place is my all time favourite wedding venue. In the immediate foreground (partly obscured by the trees) is the old Brig o’Doon, built in the 15th century and featured in the Burns Poem Tam o’ Shanter. The white building in the middle is the Brig o’ Doon House Hotel. To the right of that is the Burns Monument & Memorial Garden with the old Alloway Kirk in the background.


Brilliant pictures!

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Thanks Graham :+1:

That’s a favourite stop-off of mine when driving down from Blair Atholl to the ferry in Cairnryan. A lovely hotel. :+1:

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Amazing John, love the colours and light in that last one :heart_eyes:

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Cheers Steve :+1: That one was the Mini 2 on a 0.5sec exposure at 400iso.

Cant argue with the quality of that little bird can you :ok_hand: amazing.

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Definitely not, I find myself using the Mini 2 more and more than my M2P these days.

Was just thinking the same, I need to use mine more, I tend to go for the 2pro over the mini but bigger is not always better!

That’s what I tell her anyway. :woozy_face:

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It holds the camera steadier than my DSLR on the tripod!

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A few pics of Pickmere radio telescope taken with my grandson today.