Basher Frame Ponder

Ive been pondering on why fpv quad frames dont have some kind of shock absorption built into the arms? There must be a reason but for the life of me I cant figure out what? Any ideas what Im missing? :thinking:

I know nothing about :point_up:t2: but maybe the less flex and more rigidity the more aero dynamic it would be maybe, as if it had some sort of shock absorbent, mean slight flex less aero dynamic, educated guess, sorry if I’m miles off….

My guess would be stiffness

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Nah not aerodynamics… but for the fc not to get confused there must be a nice stiff frame.

With my old 3d printed polypropylene frame I had flyaways which I have come to attribute to bad feedback in the fc control loop due to the motors not always being where they should be.

Ah ok my bad, as said just an educated guess :blush:

This is my assumption too but Ive been thinking today and what if you had the arms on a single pivot point but clamped between to carbon fibre plates (to stop and up or down movements) and then at the centre of the frame where the arms meet, have a kind of rubber stop/wedge to absorb some of the impact force to help reduce arm breakages

Vibrations to the Gyro equals badddddd lol

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One thing I’ve still managed to avoid… So far… then again just after I said I’d not got stuck up a tree the other month I spent the next 3 trips out, getting my drones out of trees… At least I have a load of spare arms for my 5inch! :smiley: :smiley:

So to visualise the below is an Apex frame that has a carbon fibre wedge in the middle where the arms meet (circled red). What if that wedge was some kind of rubber and the screws circled in blue were removed?

just go titanium arms like @notveryprettyboy :+1:t2:

Haha yeah I get you mate but would the setup above cause any extra vibrations?

That does sound rather like my Beaver frame… There’s a pad inside where the arms are clamped… they say it’s optional and it is incredibly thin…

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Dont suppose you took any photos while putt8ng it together Richard?

There’s a youtube video showing it all.

Pad shown at 31:41

Yeah thats exactly the kind of thing I mean. Is that a rubber pad?

I think it’s a very thin foam pad.

Ah sorry the white pad is foam… the black one is carbon.

So close to what you mean. But not 100% there.

I wonder if something similar but of rubber compound would work to take the sting out of big hits :thinking:

Both apex and beaver have similar designs. Screws in the thick areas etc. I suspect the two fork part to the beaver arms might allow flex where the screw in the apex will just have a crack? Especially considering those push in nuts, which will have already stressed the carbon just by being put in.

The pad will help a bit. Both screw under pressure.

I may just be being a fan-boy, but the beaver design looks like it might have more give in it already… give that will bounce back, where the apex will just crack.

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