Bath abbey, by tiny whoop

Emax tiny hawk 2 doing a few turns around bath abbey this am… Very amazingly lovely experience, and a relief to know that even at top speed I would never be able to break the stained glass…! Also glad I wasn’t taken by a hawk as happened last time…!


Nice, enjoyed that. Wondered if you were gonna coast on the bus for a bit.

That was crossing my mind…! Atm in just happy to have a functioning quad so not reaaaaaaly in the mood to push it!

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I hear you on that one.
I’ve very quickly realised that numerous quads when flying fpv is essential.

Good video though enjoyed that

Are your batteries ok? As they sagged right down to 3.5v as soon as you took off…

Great video though :ok_hand:t2:

You need to get a whoop with a HD split cam on it for videos like that :+1:t2:

Have one… Fixing it…!


Well who knows…I have 8 of them and I’ll sure some of them are screwed. …1s batteries are not too expensive


Glad you didn’t eat bus!

It’s ok…I have this tiny little laser canon on the front of the whoop just in case buses come too close …

:bus: :gun: