Battered dingo now with added Dji

So after getting a review unit I shoehorned the air unit into my battered 6” dingo. Everything seems to work ok.


How’d you manage the TX uk power restrictions? Work around?

I’m guessing the module doesn’t have its own GPS receiver?

Which means it may only be restricted when paired to a DJI drone?

Only guessing :man_shrugging:

When you get it you have to activate it and the activation process locks it to your locale. So in the uk it locks you to 25mw and a whopping 4 available bands.

All a bit disappointing tbh on that front

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Is it really possible to function properly on 25mw? I remember using that power with my analogue before learning how to unlock it, and it was severely restricting


Take a look at my dvr video posted elsewhere. It does work

Mr Bardwell seems to be on to this

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Yes I watched that a few days back. From where I’m sitting it’s brilliant for short to medium range stuff. Bear in mind we can’t fly bvlos anyway (yea yea I know) so the 25mw seems to be ok.

With that being said higher output power would be advantageous for better penetration.

I will be testing this at the cooling towers in a few weeks so watch this space


Isn’t it just about editing a text file to enable FCC? I’m sure I read that somewhere :thinking:

That is correct with the stock firmware. However in the uk doing so breaches the law

Sort of stating the bleeding obvious - but thanks for the reminder :+1:

I guess unlocking any TX operating that frequency beyond 25mw is breaking the law… And I imagine EVERYONE does it right? DJI have just found a way to make it annoying

Certainly more annoying than I’m used too. You need to create a txt file called naco.txt out the number 1 in it and save. Insert into air unit and turn on…

Interested in the new DJI FPV stuff what is it like to fly? And does it actually live up to what they said it should

If you already have a pile of analog stuff and a set of decent fatsharks I wouldn’t be super quick to jump to Dji. That being said if your coming into the hobby new… it’s a very compelling option.

Video is astounding and is fine within the uk laws for range.

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any lag in the video? some reviews that I read said they did notice some still

For the kind of flying I do I didn’t notice any… but your mileage may vary. Still a damned impressive system

The build Andy RC used in this video… (@ 6:41)

…looks Ace!

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I’ve just realised - that looks like a stripped-down, balls-out Spark :rofl: