Batteries down to 50%

Haven’t used my P4 for about a month now, i decided to check it and all batteries including new ones were down to about 50%, is this normal ?

50 - 55% or 3.85v per cell is, I believe, the ideal storage level for LiPo batteries.

My Typhoon batteries loose very little (1 - 2%) when not in use at storage voltage, even after several weeks.

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Cheers Dave i had a little rear end reaction until i you tubed it apparently the DJI batteries start discharging after approx 10 days, it’s also in the settings i believe lol :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I dropped mine to 8% after reading a thread the other day about battery maintenance but I have not charged them back up yet as not going to fly until the weather improves is this ok or should I charge them back up?

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Shouldn’t hurt them till you need em buddy

Personally I would never leave LiPo batteries sitting around fully charged / discharged. Fully charged, the cells in a LiPo will unbalance quickly. If you are not going to use your battery(s) within 2 to 3 days, you should discharge down or charge up to 3.85v per cell for safe storage until you are ready to use again.

I would advise against leaving LiPo’s at 8%, as this could shorten the battery lifespan. See the the table below:



This is a good read for the care of your LiPo batteries.


Cheers mate thank you will charge them back up to about 20% until I’m ready to get some flying in

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I’m gonna try flying on the chase tomorrow, looks like wind is dropping and may be able to get some flying in in between showers, I’m getting itchy fingers from not flying lol

Agree with @SeaHunter
Don’t leave them at a low voltage
18650 cells are LiIon so I’d store between 3.75 and 3.80 volts
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Steve and seahunter I will take your advise onboard and test and charge accordingly :pray::ok_hand:

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I bought my Mavic Air last November and charged the batteries the day I bought it, I don’t intend to use the drone until the spring when it’s a bit warmer. Should I be charging the batteries or is it ok to wait until I make the first flight later in the year?

No point in charging the batteries as I believe that the DJI intelligent batteries self discharge after a period of time back to storage voltage which is around 3.85v per cell.

Just charge them up the day before you intend to fly.

You shouldn’t be storing your batteries fully charged, I would however if you haven’t looked at them for a while fire it all up to check the percentage they are at now, if they get too low they might go into hibernation.

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Can I ask a “dumb” question ? - I too tend to let my batteries go down to 50% or slightly less but having read so many contradictory articles ( which lose me very quickly on tech terms ) I am worried that if i intend going out the following day I charge from the 50% to full. Am I damaging the batteries by not letting them discharge to a lower figure than 40-50% ? I have them on a 10 day discharge period .
Any help or otherwise gratefully received. ( my worry is cos I’m tight - want my 3 MP batteries to last as long as possible :slight_smile: )

I believe that Li-Po batteries do not suffer from “memory effect”, so I would think that running batteries down to no less that 50% will not result in reduced battery life span. I regularly run my Typhoons’ batteries down to around 3.75v per cell (25%), but the first thing I do on returning home is charge them back up to a storage voltage of 3.85v (around 50%) using my Ev-Peak DY3 dedicated charging unit. No issues with any of the 4 batteries I have.

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Thanks for that - much appreciated. :+1: I guess these “smart batteries” are indeed different in that they don’t mind being charged from 45-55%. When flying of course I have them set to 30% for RTH and often use some of the remaining charge to keep the controller charge up or the iPad So they probably do get a fair range of discharge/charge. But its nice to know I’m not doing anything thats actually “wrong”.
Happy Welsh man now :slight_smile:

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