Noob questions

  1. Should I run 4 or 6s is flight time much more on 6s many pack would you use on an average session

Hi Simon. That’s a bit how long is a piece of string question! :slight_smile:

Some motors will accept between 4 and 6 s batteries - 4S being 3.7volts times 4 cells - 14.8 volts and 6S 3.7 x6 - 22.2 volts The motor will run faster the more voltage is applied so the ^S will give better lift and a faster craft - IF THE MOTOR IS RATED FOR IT!

For a given size of battery the two extra cells of a ^S add 50% more weight than a 4S - depending on the size of battery and aircraft that extra weight could have a marked effect on performance.

What aircraft do you have? If you can give me details of it I may be able to run some calculations showing the variance in performance with different size and capacity of battery.

As for how many packs - normally at least one more than you have at the time! Many people use three as that is the number they got with the drone, I can happily work through six, each giving around 12-14 minutes of flight time.

Sorry if I’m teaching you to suck eggs but:

Always land with 30% of total battery time remaining - far batter than not controlling your landing because you are trying to keep flying with 0%.

Li-po batteries need a fair amount of care in storage and charging - check out this guide

Not teaching me to suxk eggs im a noob
Im awaiting the arrival of
Brand Name: Skystars
Model: G730L
Item Name: 300mm F4 OSD 7 Inch FPV Racer
Version: PNP ( without receiver, battery and radio transmitter)
Wheelbase: 300mm
Arm Plate Thickness: 4mm
TOP&Bottom Plate Thickness: 2mm
Side Plate Thickness: 2mm
Material: 3k Carbon Fiber and Aluminium alloy
Net Weight: 390G

F4 Flight Controller

Name: Micro F4 FC AIO OSD BEC (D-Shot Version)
MPU: 6000
Input Voltage: 2-6S Lipo
Built-in Betaflight OSD to adjust PID
BEC Output: 5V@3A
Size: 30.5x30.5mm board, 3mm mounting holes (M3)
Support Subs/PPM/DSMX receiver
50A BL_32 ESC Item Name: 50A 2-6S Blheli_32 RGB light ESC
Input Voltage: 2-6S Lipo battery
Constant Current: 50A
Peak Current: 60A
BEC Ouput: NO
CPU: STM32F051 BLHELI_32 firmware
Size: 26x15x6mm
Weight: 7.4g


  • Support Dshot 1200( in default),Oneshot42/125;Multishot;Dshot150/300 /600.
  • The color of RGB LED can be set by Blhelisuite
  • Powered by high performance STM32 MCU frequency up t0 48 MHZ
  • Composed of 3Oz gold plated PCB
  • Aluminum heat sink effectively slow down the temperature rise
    2306 1800KV Brushless Motor Brand Name: Skystars
    Item Name: 2306 1800KV Brushless Motor
    7 Inch Propeller Item Name: DP7056C 7 inch 3-Blade Propeller
    Color: Transparent White

Im going to have the camera only at a very slight angle so at first im not looking for high speed but longest flight time I can get to learn

Right your fpv quad is built for 6s not 4s… the 1800kv motors are the clue.

For your quad I would be looking at 6s around the 1100mah mark. With expected flight times of around 3-4mins

If you haven’t flown an fpv quad before then I heartily recommend investing some time in a simulator as it will help you learn how to fly these things. You will also likely need to setup betaflight as the out of the box experience it’s not going to have failsafe setup correctly most likely. You will also need to setup arm switches etc.


This is what I love about this group :grin::grin: always a very friendly helping hand at any time :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

Hi Simon

I echo @anon34183503, James’, comments and add further cautions.
But I’ll also add that I have absolutely no wish to come across as patronising.

In your profile, @Si_jjrcx11, Simon, you list your drone as a JJRX-X11. The FPV quad you’re going to receive will fly nothing like the X11 and I fear your first 6S flight might end in tragedy. It is an awful lot of power for a frame as small and light as 7inch. As a comparison the only 6s quad I have currently is 500 size, weighs close to a kg, and is collective pitch, and though I consider myself a competent FPV flyer this thing still scares the wottsits out of me at times.

There is a distinct difference between a GPS camera drone and a FPV race/freestyle drone. One you push around the sky like a balloon, the other will show no mercy when you get even the slightest thing wrong.

I, like many others of the time, started FPV quads around six years ago. Back then most of us flew the ubiquitous QAV/ZMR 250’s, Naze32 FC’s, with motor/ESC combo’s more suited to fixed wings, on 3s packs. It’s no word of a lie that back then most of our time during the learning process was spent replacing broken arms and bent standoffs as crashes were compulsory.

Today there are so many great alternatives for the beginner that will provide a super rush without constant repairs and the added expense. The Tinyhawk range from Emax, I feel, provide excellent quality at sensible prices. I recently added the Tinyhawk Freestyle to my fleet and boy has it surprised me. On 1S it’s a great little noodler, but on 2S it’s a right out monster, easily comparable to anyone of my 250 size quads on 4S for speed and agility. But it also has the advantage of being very light (AUW of 70g) so even dirt napping at full throttle will just result in a bounce due to the very low inertia.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have bought the Skystars quad as it is very well spec’d but I fear you maybe in for a lot of frustration if it is your first venture into Race/Freestyle FPV quads.



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I’ll bow to the wisdom of the FPV guys here, my so-called expertise is in camera carrying quad, hex and octo copters.

I use an online calculator to play with combinations of battery, motor, esc, airframe and prop to optimise performance. The free version is limited in the choice of motor, the paid version has proved to be suprisingly useful and good value for money!

This :+1:

Yes I have the jjrc x11

Quad may take a month so ill have time to play with a flight sim as soon as controller arrives :ok_hand:

So if it takes upto 6s are we saying you cant put 4s on it ?

You could run it on 4s but it won’t run well on 4s.

I would really recommend not worrying about actually flying the quad till you can fly in the sim. (Liftoff or velocidrone) as you will crash and in a sim those crashes cost nothing

I was gunna go for liftoff £20
Thanks for all the advice guys :+1: