Be safe be seen (hi viz vest)

Anyone have one of these? I wonder if it would put people off challenging you … they look ‘official’ :grin:

… or is it better to try and hide in the undergrowth?


“HIde in the Undergrowth”…lol


I have similar in yellow and do think that it makes you look more official and less likely to be approached by the general (uninformed) public.


I am thinking that a custom one with ‘Authorised Drone Pilot’ would be a good one to have. If asked authorised by who, I would cite the CAA ANO, provide a copy of the drone code (always cary copies to give away) and show them my 3rd party liability certificate. Or do you think this is this more of an invitation for trouble?

I’ve got a yellow hi-vis that I wear when flying in places I, ahem, probably shouldn’t be flying in. No writing on the back, I didn’t think of that… I’d probably put “Licensed UAV Operator” or something, rather than the D-word.

To make it even more official looking, I also wear one of these to complete the “outfit” with a scanned/edited “ID badge” in it :blush:

Never been approached. A security guard even nodded at me once :rofl:


Obviously don’t do this at Heathrow Airport or something stupid :smiley:

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Well I don’t really want to lie. I don’t have a licence, but if I am following the rules I believe I am 'authorised ’ under national regulations!

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I have one, bought it for the marathon filming I did. From experience, wearing a high viz vest does seem to give people an instinct to trust you.

I’ve got a Yellow one I wear !.
Then when it gets hot I take it off and underneath is…!


Agreed :+1:

LOL :smiley:

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Here’s the other tee shirt I wear
It gets the point across nicely !!..


I have ordered one with ‘AUTHORISED UAV OPERATOR’ … great value for under a fiver.

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No thanks. I don’t want to look like a t…t :wink:

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@Siwyleeds Well you can put a pig in a dress but it will still be a pig!

I am too old now to worry about what I look like, especially if the outcome is being more accepted and challenged less by ignorant members of the public who may accept more readily my right (authority) to fly somewhere under the rules, if I simply look the part. Flying a UAV is going to attract attention anyway, so why not embrace it and apply some psychology. Members of the public trust people who appear to be an authority or know what they are doing, and a high vis jacket enforces that image.



In my 4+ years of dronenership (see what I did there? :stuck_out_tongue:) I’ve never been “challenged” by anyone!
… other than …
a) the organisers of the WRC event in Sardinia 4 years ago.
Their gripe was only that they were contemplating drone usage (WRC are now partners with DJI for this) and my flying was keeping their drone on the ground … because I was in the best place. (This was the day that I somehow didn’t start the GoPro on my P2. #Duh!).
… and …
b) a policeman in a Ragusa, Sicily, who was quite happy for me to continue flying … provided I took some video of his house and showed his son how it flew. (I never did discover if I had been flying where I shouldn’t.)
Admittedly, I’ve sometimes failed to get some shots/vids in places I’d like to have, simply because my assessment of the time/place/situation made me think I might antagonise someone with “dronophobia”.

Wearing a bright jacket would, in a huge number of instances in my experience, only have attracted attention … and sods law will ensure that some of that attention will be negative.

Each to their own.

PS - How does one submit new words for consideration by the OED? dronership and dronophobia should be in there! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Youre right there. Im not saying Youre not. The truth is that if Youll meet someone somewhere who really is against drones theyd still give You some hard time. No matter what. For me it doesnt work. I felt the same when someone offered me wearing high vis jacket when i was riding my bike even thought it would make me a bit safer. It just didn`t look right on my race one piece leather suit. Thanks for sharing your thought s mate and happy flying


Please don’t let Donald Trump in on this…:skull_and_crossbones:


@chrisjohnbaker Loving your second t-shirt :rofl:

I’m sure this is a subliminal or psychological fact (not sure of the correct word, I’ve had a couple of :wine_glass: tonight!)

As a society I think we see that many people in hi-vis these days that we simply don’t even give them a second look now, never mind approach or question what they’re doing!

I’m sure people could get away with daylight robbery if they were in hi-vis, again I’m sure we just subconsciously either trust, or simply ignore, people in hi-vis these days.


I’ll back you up :+1: :smiley:


We need a “Wine and Craft Beer” category. :wink:


Hell yeah!

And a vaping lounge too I think :smoking: