Beacon Hill Hillfort & the Curse of Tutankhamun

I took this on New Years Day, but haven’t gotten around to posting it. First time flying in Hampshire, it’s a lovely area for those in the neighbourhood.


Really like the back ground to the film, another visit on the list.
Thank you, and Happy New Year.

(I wondered if Tut had tripped you up from the title)

Cheers Clive! Ha, ha … I nearly tripped over going down that muddy path, but managed to recover :wink:

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Your recent trips show the love of mud you have. :grimacing:

Liked the Beacon Hill footage - thanks. :+1:

Cheers Barrie! Just about every site I’ve been to recently is plastered with mud! The Mrs has just about had enough of me turning up covered in it :rofl:

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The drone footage simply adds and enhances this informative - crackin video :wink:

Cheers Michael! That has made my day :+1: