Beccles Marina

Just a little shot of Beccles Marina in Norfolk


Beccles is in Suffolk isn’t it? Careful or the locals will be out with pitchforks.

Nice shot though.

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I hope you showed your Passport at the Border ! :rofl:
Great picture, by the way !

Oooops It is in Suffolk, I spent the day in Norfolk nr the broads then drove to Suffolk…the locals were intrigued, it was a flying machine

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You were lucky !, if you had come to Norwich, we would have called it a
“Trossin’ Thingy”
Norfolk, is where we are know as “Flown Driers” !

Or a tree cutter

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We’d a tunned it a up aside down an used it as a mower !

Jeff, did you get some of them Media Cards that were cheap !!

No already have some at a more expensive cost :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Just checked offer still on

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Yep, and you fill your cars and tractors up with fool…

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You want to be careful down there. I took my car to Stowmarket once. They started worshipping it.


You mean to say, that you were actually able to drive it home !!!.
The Travellers usually leave it propped on bricks !

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Gone up over a fiver!, from what they were yesterday !

na!, red diesel !:rofl: