Beginner App Advise

Hi all, I’m new on here and completely new to drones and photography / videography. After watching a lot of YouTube reviews I decided to buy I’ve a Mavic Air with the fly more kit.

I’ve downloaded the GO4 app and I’m wondering which other apps are worth having as well?


I’m fairly new too - so will leave the more experience guys on here to assist, but thought I’d say hello and welcome you to the group.


Also New,

But thus far I have:

UAV forcast
Drone Assist

I have also added the FRZ runway extensions to my Google Maps app. @Brianb showed us how to do that here Flight Restriction Zone Maps


Thanks @Chann will have a look at these. Does the runway extensions show all restricted areas or is it literally just runways?

Thanks again

I’ve just added the FRZ to google maps and there are a lot more small airfields than I thought.

Neil, I am still learning myself.

My understand is that the rules are changing on 13 March and the FRZ link above shows where we cannot fly (without permission) in regard to airfields.

I have recently learned that the Forestry Commission have rules too about the use of drones.

Have you introduced yourself via the Introductions page?

When you do this, one of the staff here will provide you with some info/links that are very useful in regard to where we can fly.

Wish I could be of more help.



That’s fine @Chann any help at all is appreciated thank you

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Like wise @Neil :slight_smile:

Hello @Neil And @johnm1974,
And welcome Both of you the our little place of chit chat about Drones.
Another App that you may want to have (although it’s a paid App!)
Is Litchi, this is similar to Go4, but has the ability to allow you to pre-plan flights using Google Earth to plan them.
A lot of our members are now using this App, with great results.
You will find references of it around the Forum.
Please don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions, and, as @Chann said, Introduce yourself and let us have a bit of background to who you are, and stick yourself on the Members Map, so others can see you in their area.
P.S. I’m just one of the “Old Farts” on here ,who is sad enough to visit most days !


I’ll vouch for that (ok I am too)

Welcome Neil to the madhouse you’ll get used to us…honest


We drink (well, most of us!), we joke, we swear (occasionally), we meet up (as frequently as time allows), we exchange ideas, buttttttt !, most of all.
We enjoy our time on here, chatting and exchanging Banter !.
Welcome to GADC

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This is pretty much it whilst you’re starting out.

Tinker with UAV forecast though to change some of the “not safe to fly” nonsense. A cloudy day doesn’t stop anyone


Hi and welcome to GADC :wave:

That maps is just the protected airports and runways. There are a number of other restricted areas but these are the definite no go areas around airports (from 13th March) unless, of course, you ask for permission.

We have such a wide range of members that it’s likely that someone will be able to point you in the right direction for a safe area to practise with your drone. Great choice with the Mavic Air btw :ok_hand:

As others have mentioned, this is a great place to ask just about anything about drones and a few other random things as well :joy:


Thanks to everyone for your replies, I’ll have a look at the apps mentioned tonight. :+1:

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Nearly forgot… Lightroom


It’s well worth sticking Flightradar24 on that list too. Very useful for seeing what’s about (hopefully) above you :+1:

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I also find the PolarPro app quite useful too :blush:

You don’t need PolarPro filters on to use this app but it gives me warnings about wind speed but also sends me golden hour notifications and its supposed to advise of which ND filter to use but I’ve yet to use this in anger.

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Need to be aware though that only aircraft equipped with (and using) a mode S or ADS -B transmitter can show on FR24. Even then they have to be in reach (range) of a hobbyist with a reciever. I have one but due ro moving house recently it is in a box.

Many older aircraft do not have Mode S or ADS-B nor do many of the lighter aircraft as it s not (yet) a requirement in uncontrolled airspace.

It is now a requirement to have this fitted and operating within controlled airspace, but we should not be flying in controlled airspace without permission I guess.

That said, many light aircraft are now fitted and more will be fitted as it becomes a requirement and so it will provide some information to us drone pilots, but it will not show everything. Well not yet.

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Cheers i’ll Look into these :+1: