Beginner questions

So I’ve been out a couple of times now, surrounded by fields and generally just finding my legs or wings so to speak. Turned beginner mode off and am going out to about 300m and going up to 100m just trying stuff. Have gone through RTH quite a few times, first question is, obviously when you take off and hover and give it time to get a home lock it then knows where it is to within a couple of feet by gps. If for instance I’m on a plain grass field I’m assuming that the downward cameras can’t really get a shape to lock onto to get a pin point return, is this where a landing pad would be beneficial or does it not work like that?
Also I’ve turned the gimbal speed right down for the cinematic slow shots but when I turn the drone it’s far too quick and looks wrong, is this remedied by cinematic mode or do I just need to be a bit more gentle on the sticks?
Had a disconnect tonight but the battery on the drone was low and I just pressed RTH and waited for it to come home, seemed to be controllable, landed changed batteries and rebooted app and all good again, is this the thing to do or should I be rebooting the app in mid air?
Finally for now when I was playing in spotlight mode I was struggling to get the thing to come towards me, I could circle and move away but not come closer, it was a tad windy but makes for a lively pulse.
Sorry if these are regular questions but any answer would speed an old slow learner happily on his way, cheers rich

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In regard to your first 2 questions.

A landing pad would work as you described and help with precision landing.

You’ve slowed down gimbal but you can also slow the rate at which the aircraft yaws (rotates). I’ll need to fire mine up as can’t remember where setting is.

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The video on this thread shows you how to smooth things out …

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Bloody hell Dave. I had copied that exact link from YouTube and was just about to post it lol.


I may be getting old … but I can still move fast! :wink:


Brilliant, fabulous info and certainly highlights the issues I am having. Will give it a whirl asap. Many thanks chaps.


Yes mate, for sure. I use a landing pad on 99% of my flights. It also stops the props on your drone cutting the grass :rofl:

There are two different types of disconnect to be aware of.

One is where the app gets disconnected from the controller. In this scenario it’s perfectly safe to restart the app while the drone is hovering in the air, because you still have full control via the sticks. The cause of this is usually a dodgy cable / connector by the way.

The other type of disconnect is where the app is still connected to the remote, but the remote has disconnected from the aircraft. In this scenario no amount of app-restarting will reconnect the remote to the aircraft. Your only hope here is to restart the remote itself and hope it reconnects (risky as you may lose any chance of a FindMyDrone save), so better still, make sure your aircraft is set to RTH in the event of a (RC) disconnect.