Beginners queries...apologies!

Two parts to my question.
Firstly, iPhone screen quite small for these aging eyes, quite like fpv feel to things, hence, thinking of buying iPad holder for Mavic Air. Lif Thor looks well made. One day might try goggles.
Secondly, editing video. Massive file sizes. How do I edit Proxies without downloading native recordings?
Thanks in anticipation.

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Hi Doug (from the other side!)
Yes, you could go along that route, I personally find the Ipad very heavy to balance in the Air’s remote.
I bought a Ipad holder for a Tripod, which screws on the top, then plug in a USB lead from the remote.
I find that a lot easier than in the remote itself, also keeps the screen still while you are busy with the remote side of things, just my personal preference !.
P.S. I was only down Hayling Island myself a few weeks ago !.
I also edit some of my videos on the Ipad using IMovie, gives me pleasing results.
The Mavic Air breaks each video up into approx. 3.9 gb files, and it allows you to be able to edit each one, then join the edits together.

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thanks again Chris, food for thought.

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Just a tip !,
if you do use the bottom USB port on the remote, remember to unplug the lead that’s in the side , that normally goes to your phone.
If not the USB Port will not work !.

Hi Doug, welcome to Grey Arrows, glad you could join us :smiley:

Lif Thor make great gear, perhaps pricey (but so are MavMount), but you can’t fault their quality :+1:

I started out flying with an iPad Mini 2 and it was great, the extra screen size a tablet offers is really useful.

A quick and easy fix for this might be to simply record in a lower resolution? Drop down to 1080 maybe?

ZWelcome @DougT

Chris mentioned Hayling Island. Is that where you are from? Just tried checking the members map but it seems to be not working.

Any away, I am from just down the road and a fellow Mavic Air user. In fact having been flying at Langstone tonight.

I have recently bought a basic iPad holder (£20)for the same reason which works really well, I just keep forgetting to bring the iPad with me! This is the link to the one I bought and some pics.


It’s being looked at. :wink:

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I looked very hard, but it still wouldn’t work!!! :joy:


With latest iPad 9.7

Thanks Brian, useful info.

I’m on HAYLING, I was filming on the seafront this pm.

Filming the sunset and completely missed the Harvest moon!


Douglas Taylor

Is an iPad Pro too big for a screen for theMavic Pro?

Yes, saw that on my way home but couldn’t find a good spot

This was from the billy line tonight



Looks smart.
Which hood is it?

Beguinner mode !! Jeff !, what were you teaching the kid next door to fly it !! :rofl:

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Lovely shots Doug !!

I seem to recall “a buttock clencher” flight around that area , not so long ago Brian ! :wink:

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It was the v3 from below

I use a free app called ‘filmmaker pro’ this allows you to put photos and videos within your video as well as titles and editing the length. It even lets you chop your original into segments, insert something in the spaces such as another video. It is a very very versatile app and can be done on iphone or iPad. You can subscribe to the service which unlocks dozens more advanced features if you wish, but for now I’m using the unlimited free service cos I’m no Stephen Spielberg

trust you that was taken a while back …

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