Being told I cannot fly at Margam Country Park, Wales

Completely new here.
I was flying my DJI mini 3 pro at margam park South Wales over the weekend I posted some footage on a site and someone sent me this picture stating I cannot fly my drone there.As there is so much to see there and I want to go there again I thought I should look into this a bit more. So are there any know by-laws restricting me from flying there.

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The park appears to be owned and operated by Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council.

The FOI request made by Grey Arrows Drone club indicates that NPT Borough Council do not have any Bylaws or policies relating to the recreational use of drones from their land.

The website for Margam Country Park appears to be operated by the owner of the land and denies permission to use drones within the park.

It will be interesting to see what others say but my reading of this is that you cannot take-off, land or operate your drone within the park because the landowner specifically denied permission but you can overfly the park if you take off, land and operate the drone from outside the boundary of it.


Having looked at their website it looks like it is a private country park run by the council. Which would mean they would have every right to restrict the use of drones on the site. BUT the old caveat applies, they can’t stop you taking off and landing from public land outside the boundries. And as it is “private” no bylaw is required.


I’d agree with that…

@Hitachi09 …Be very mindful of the mention of ’ Regulations … To me that means potentially legal consequences for non compliance. Also they have thrown in the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 to which many National Parks do as well.