Members' Location Map - A Guide


A Map of Member Locations!

Firstly - Inclusion is totally optional!

Secondly - Accuracy. Please be sensibly accurate. Do not enter your location at the street level, nor at the County or large City/Town level. The reason for the former is obvious, and the latter would end up with pins stacked one on top of the other and the whole concept fails. So, Wembley, rather than London, or Greater London, Heaton rather than Bolton, etc.

Thirdly - UK locations only! The map zooms out to include all locations, and we are a UK club. So, if any of you’re lucky enough to live further afield … please resist!


The How To bit.

  1. Go to the Members Location Map and zoom right in on your location to check it isn’t already “occupied”. (The map only shows 1 pin if two people use the same Location.) If so (and since locations aren’t supposed to be mega accurate) make a note of an unoccupied suburb/vilalge nearby that you can use.

  2. There is now a new item in your Profile.
    Go to Preferences > Profile and you’ll see a “Your Location (UK Only)” box.
    To get to Preferences, click on your avatar and select the cog icon.

  3. As you enter in your location name, the box will offer you possible choices. Select the one you want, and don’t forget to click Save at the bottom of the Profile page!

  4. To see the map, either click on the link at the top of this post, or click on the hamburger icon at the top-right of any page in the forum and select “Users”…
    … and then, on the User List page, select “Users Map”.

    This will give you the map of all members that have entered their location.
    (50 people on the map as of 21/09/18)

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