Benefits of A2 CofC with a DJI Mini 2

I appreciate there’s a lot of information on here about the subject but could someone please advise on the benefits of gaining this for a new member like me who’s reason for getting out with my drone is no more than just pleasure and a reason to get out in the fresh air. Yes some will say don’t over think it just get out and fly but being disabled I like to go about things in the correct way and not cut corners.
Regards Dave.

Sorry should point out my drone is a DJI mini2

From a freedoms point of view, no point in the A2 CofC for a Mini 2 … it wouldn’t give you any more freedom than you already have under the rules …

However, it will give you a good awareness of basic airmanship, and will allow you to fly bigger craft with (almost) the same freedom, should you wish to ‘go bigger’ one day.

And of course when that happens you can always join FPVUK and use their Article 16 permission too …


Then save your money, the A2 CofC isn’t going to let you do anything you can’t do already.

Try it for yourself:

Buy some beer or something instead :slight_smile:


I didn’t think of the beer angle ! … :partying_face:


Thanks mate, that’s what I thought but I like to check that I read it correct.

Although gaining an A2 C of C won’t make any difference to the restrictions you fly a Mini 2 under the training is worthwhile for anyone. It gives you are better understanding of what you are doing and how to plan and fly more professionally.

And you can train FREE.

Coptrz give you free access to their training materials up to but not including the exam.

So you get all the knowledge that an A2 qualified pilot has learned, you just don’t get the qualification - unless you want it in which case there is the exam fee to pay.

A2 C of C and Article 16 Authorisation come into their own when you fly aircraft heavier than 250 grams - check it out here:


Thanks mate will have a good look at that

Did it have a practical element I’d agree, but anyone can pass this without ever having to put a drone in the sky.


Oh yes, the exam is basically common sense, made easier by having multiple choice questions where two of the possible four answers are obviously wrong.

It’s the training that’s worthwhile, will make you think a little deeper about what you are doing. And with the Coptrz deal it’s free!


As others have said, for the Mini2 the A2 CofC isn’t going to give you any priviledges, however it is a great way of gaining very useful knowledge and if you decide to get a heavier drone at some point it could then help. I went with UAV Academy with the British Drone Flyers discount.

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Thanks Andy it’s something that I will have a look at in the future thanks again mate

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So you’d rather waste other members time answering questions that have already been answered :man_shrugging:t2:

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Hey guys,
Apologies for asking to explain the benefits of A2COFC with a DJI Mini 2 (I meant Mini 3, but it applies to all the DJI Mini drones ).

Someone has answered all the questions and more about flight restrictions regarding DJI Mini, Mavic and Inspire drones elsewhere.