Bennerley Viaduct 29/6/22

@group-fpv Hey guys Im staying up in Derby tomorrow night. Im thinking of an evening fly at Bennerley Viaduct. Just putting the feelers out to see if anyones interested?
I will be aiming to get there sometime between 6-7pm tomorrow evening but will depend how my jobs go and traffic. I know its really short notice but let me know if any of you are available :+1:t2:

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It’s the 28th today?

Thanks for pointing that out Ade, its been a long couple of days :man_facepalming:t3: lol Ive edited the Title and just to confirm its the 29th (Tomorrow) :smile:

Very tempted but travelling to Manchester tomorrow so I’m out sadly

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Happy days coming to the good side :wink::grinning:

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No worries I know its short notice, maybe next time :+1:t2:

I might be able to make some time for that. :+1:

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mmm… I will have to see. I’ve just finished my first HDZero build


Cool hopefully see you there Jez :+1:t2:

Perfect opportunity to test out your new build Richard :wink:

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I know… I was just thinking of a very safe place to try it … I’ve never been to Bennerley

The words ‘safe’ and ‘test’ dont go together in fpv :laughing:

Me either but I believe there is quite alot of open space to fly in

and some cows ttoo hahah

Biggest issue might be the 50 minute drive… It’ll be dark by the time I get there. I better go more local.

Its not dark until around 21:30 at the moment, what time would you get there?

Hmmm… I see what you’re saying… I will sleep on it.

Yeah. Give me 30 min warning.

Whereabout are you staying?

Yeah no probs :+1:t2:

Im staying at a Premier Inn on the outskirts of Derby around 20min away from the Viaduct according to Google Maps. Ill probably head straight to the Viaduct unless I get up there earlier than expected


Steve, as it’s your first visit there

There is limited parking on site here:



This is the what3words address for a 3 metre square location near Awsworth, Notts…

Take off and landing spot here:



This is the what3words address for a 3 metre square location near Eastwood, Notts…



(potentially more satnav friendly)

That day was a scorcher. :sunny: :sunglasses: