Best cheap Air 2 sun hood?

Anyone got any recommendations? Preferably something not too bulky.

A sun hood? For your phone / tablet you mean? :thinking:

Don’t do it! It’ll destroy the aerodynamics and weight distribution

A lens hood?!


What on earth is that?!? :rofl::rofl:

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Yes, a shade for the controller rather than a tulip lens hood

To fit which phone / tablet?



I have had this one in the fir sale section for some time. Still got it :man_shrugging:

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Looks a little too large!

Do people not use them? I thought they were a very common accessory and I’ve been making my own until now, they make a huge difference.

Your title says Air 2, this is made for ipad air 2 or did you mean the mavic air 2?

I haven’t seen any shields for phones mainly for tablets.

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Sorry I wrongly assumed that was obvious. Had no idea such an iPad exists. Yes MA2/MM2.

I’m still really unclear on what you’re looking for.

If it’s a sunshade, you want it to fit the phone / tablet that you use? The controller is irrelevant?

Then why buy one?

The controller massively affects the design. Compare MM1 shades vs MM2 shades for example. I’ve made my own versions of both and it’s a huge difference.

There are also clever ones that slot into the MA2 controller.

Because I want a sturdier, stronger, more portable and permanent one made from a better sun blocking material.

I can’t… I’ve only ever seen shades that fit the phone / tablet.

You’ll have to post a picture mate, I’m out.

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Yesterday you thought a landing mat was too much faff, now you want a shade that’s both portable and permanent?

Just get out and fly rather than posting the exact same questions here and on Mavic Pilots.

This all has a bit of a Walter Mitty feel. Endless research and questions, no sign of any flying

I’m done too

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It’s not that hard to find one. DJI website for a start: Buy DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller Monitor Hood - DJI Store