Best cheapest secondary vrx/screen?

Recognising that seeing some dude in goggles flying a small dot atoms the sky isn’t the best spectator sport, ids like to share the love with a secondary screen… Any recommendations?


A cheap and cheerful solution I use is an OTG 5.8GHz receiver (abt £20) with a cheap Android tablet/phone. Along with the GoFVP Android App (free) this combination serves as a DVR and has the added function of being able to split the image so you can use a cheap VR/Google Cardboard headset as a set of goggles.

A simple search on Amazon for “OTG FPV” will produce a number of options.

There are a few OTG receivers that claim to work with iPhone/iPad but these can be hit and miss due to the way that Apple are overly protective as to what gets shoved into their lightning port.




Clicked and paid for! Thanks @Nidge. I hadn’t even realised these things existed, now I’m wondering how I’ve lived my life without them! Now all I gotta do is find someone who wants to watch scratchy live footage of me crashing…


Glad to help, Tom.

And I truly empathise about finding an audience. I could spend hours in the edit only to put it on the big screen and have my wife go “Meh”.

It’s the same when I play guitar, I’m all “hard groove core grind metal” and my wife is all “radio friendly smooth jazz”.



I’ve given up getting any understanding from my wife and daughter. I show her some of Johnny FPV’s superb licks and tricks she’s like. . .“that just makes me feel ill”. Where’s the appreciation? Thank god we’ve got the Gree Arry’s Mutual Appreciation Society!

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