Best Glue for TPU to TPU?

Hi guys just wondering whats the best glue to use when gluing TPU to TPU?

I think it’s this, which is why I bought it, but not used it yet.
So take this with a big pinch of salt :laughing:

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Thanks Steve, ah so cant use standard super glue or gorilla glue then?

some say CA glue will do it,
Try it and report back LOL

Thats probably what I will try first, whats the worst that can happen? :laughing:

a reprint? after you’ve bollocks it up :laughing:

Every chance of that mate :rofl:

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printers on standby :rofl:

what you busted?

Im attempting to build my first wing. Ive managed to break a leg off of a 3D printed fc mount :man_facepalming:t3:

just beg another print :laughing: :laughing:

I reckon I can fix it Steve, it shouldnt take much punishment as the other 3 legs are solid still :grin:

Just fitted my camera but looks like I need to order a new longer mipi cable as the standard one fits just but there is no slack at all so as soon as I crash and the camera moves the cable will rip out :grimacing:

Yes, ask @notveryprettyboy
His camera cable on his Mobula suffers when he has a heavy landing :frowning_face:

Good excuse to order a new vtx antenna at the same time :grin:

Because it is thermoplastic, you might be able to melt it together it using a soldering gun fitted with a plastic welding tip, of maybe a hot air soldering tool with a narrow nozzle set to a suitable temperature.

Some plastics are difficult or impossible to glue, so I drill a few tiny holes and sew the parts together, with thread, fishing line or wire.

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Try man juice. Works for me.


Im not googling man juice and having that in my search history :rofl: