Best practice area in Rugby, Warwickshire

Hey all,

New to this forum, so apologises if I’ve put this in the wrong place.

Is there anybody on here that flies in the Rugby area specifically (not Coventry as I have seen those and want to avoid the drive if possible!) that knows of any nice and open, safe areas to get some testing of a new drone in? I’ve seen quite a lot of drone footage posted on the local page but I’m unsure of permissions for these areas. If you’re one of those people, hello!

A lot of the locations on the map say that I can’t fly there, or for areas that I check the websites of, say that drones aren’t permitted in that location. I’ve also checked the drone scene map but nothing is logged for Rugby so I want to make sure when I find an area I’m doing everything legally and as safe as possible.

Would really like to get up and flying as soon as the weather becomes a little more predictable…

If all else fails then I’ll visit the old golf course location in Coventry that has been mentioned on here a few times in Exhall.

Thanks all :blush:

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Now a housing estate unfortunately :cry:

Hi @Itsharrysteel

What drone are you flying? as this will have a big impact on where you can legally fly.

Where have you looked into flying that says you can’t? there is a lot of misinformation out there and you probably can fly there.

Ah! What a pain about the old golf course!

I’m flying a stock DJI Mavic air 2. I knew I forgot to add something to the post!

A lot of the public places I’ve searched for specifically say no drones, but anywhere else I’m worried are farmers land, so don’t want to risk ending up on someone’s land without gaining prior approval from them. And would prefer to avoid the hassle of trying to track down the owner, if possible of course.

Is there anywhere in Coventry that replaces the old golf course?

Thanks so much for helping :blush:

I wouldn’t get hung up on that, check if there are any byelaws in place.

Failing that any bit of open field is as good a place to start .

Welcome to GADC

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you could try here:

Myself @Steviegeek and @notveryprettyboy have flown here several times. isn’t very photogenic but is a good space to get some stick time in to get comfortable with the controls :+1:t2:


Thank you! Just worried I’ll end up getting myself in trouble if I do, but I’ll have a look at open fields and see!

Thanks for the welcome :blush:

Thank you! I’ll take a look at there :blush:

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have a look in the meet up section, meet up with fellow flyers to build up your confidence lots of us in Warwickshire :+1:t2:


You’ll be fine mate. Try Newbold rfc. My lad played rugby there today. Lots of space. All you have to do is go into the bar, buy a pint, and get chatting. I can fly at Old Leamingtonians rfc when I want. They aren’t too bothered as long as you don’t cause problems. They may even want photos from you to promote their website etc.

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