Best whoop around £100

Hello GADC!
I’m going to purchase a FPV whoop for my son, somewhere around the £100 mark.
Can anyone point me in the direction of any decent drones?
I already have had my eye on tinyhawk 2, mobula 7/6 however i feel like i am missing better options…
Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’m in the same boat as you, looking for a budget drone. I’ll be interested to see what you pick

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How old is he? Where are you wanting to be able to fly? What kit do you already have?

He is 17, and to be honest the kit is kind of for me aswell. I just want something he and I can play about with indoors or sometimes maybe outdoors to practice our FPV skills.
At the moment I have the goggles and controller from an betafpv Cetus pro kit that was given to me by a friend, however he wanted to keep the drone itself.
I’m not looking to upgrade them yet, just to grab a drone so i can get flying. any suggestions?


Your goggles will work with any analog drone.
Your controller will work with frsky d8 and d16 receivers.

Assuming you don’t get into the whole firmware issue then a good choice is a mobula6, mobula7 or mobeetle6. Hopefully you’ll be ok as they have SPI based receivers…

Don’t buy any of these that are marked as HDZero, ExpressLRS or FlySky as they won’t work with your goggles or controller.

This assumes that you want a tinywhoop a bit like the original cetus that came with the set originally. A larger drone would be possible if you prefer.

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I didn’t realize my controller was limited, makes sense since it was in a fairly cheap kit. I’ll be willing to spend on a decent controller if it means I can use a better drone.
Let’s say the controller wasn’t limited… would there be any better options for the price range other than those stated?
Also I don’t really mind on the size. 3" to 5" would be good for me.

I didn’t either. I did a Google search… There are many options possible, I couldn’t possibly go through them all. I suggest you’ll need to search as well.

Good places to start are Joshua Bardwell videos and his website…

Also for smaller quads I rather like Nick Burns’ videos.

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Ok, thanks a lot for the guidance I’ll be sure to check them out :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Nope, they’re the best, lol… Tinyhawk you can use 2S batteries as well as 1, which is better outside, not 100% the mob6 works on 2s. The mob6 is the goto for FAST FAST racing, I feel the TH2 is more solid for learning and bonus can use twice the power for some outdoor flights! Either way, both are good :slight_smile:

Mobula 6 looks like it’s great to fly, however 1s won’t do it for me. I’d rather a 2s to get an extra minute or so of flight time, also meaning it can go outside of it’s not windy.
Is the Tinyhawk 2 better than the mobile 7 in your opinion

I have a TH2 (and a TH S before hand, though sold that), a BetaFPV meteor65 pro, and a moblite 7… I never fly the moblite 7… I do like the meteor 65, but for a newbee I think the THII’s are more solid, and EMAX’s tunes are spot on!

You can fly 1S outside as seen here…

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Issue with the Meteor65 is the cam angle is fixed (I’m sure can 3d print a new canopy), and it’s a high angle for a new starter!

The mob6lite and mob7lite I’d ignore as they a little more fragile.

I think the “pro” racers use mob6’s, but they also probably upgrade everything on them, and they’re great whoops, but a good solid platform (survives so much bashing), you can’t go wrong with the Tinyhawks (never flown a 3, and boy they look expensive!)

Also whatever you get, get some spare props, lol

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Oh nice, I guess if it’s not too windy it would work outside. you can yet more battery life out of 2 250 batteries than 1 450 one right? or is the difference not noticeable.

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I think the TH II and the mpb7 have ajustable camera angles. due to the fight time I’d rather choose those 2 over the mob 6 even if it flies a little better, is this a bad idea?

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Yeah no wind, it’ll work outside, a 2S will do better (as will a larger quad), the TH II is 75mm, rather than the mob6/metoer65 which is 65mm, so it’s slightly larger, so slightly more stable. Ultimate speed…

Not sure on battery like, but the 2s does last longer, it’s more you go faster, cope with the wind with a 2s rather than time. you don’t put 2 1S’s on, you get a 2s battery. photo below…

2S on left (with balance leads), 1S on right. You end up with loads of them, lol

Think most have adjustable camera angles (the BetaFPV metoer65 was pushed onto me, for cheap due to the guy who won it not having ELRS radio!). It’s fast (not sure how campares to a mob6), but you can’t adjust the camera angle with stock canopy

You can’t go wrong with a THII, great learning, and it can go faster than you can probably control any time soon! Possibly ever!! But I’m not a fan of my moblite 7 (possibly my flying skills!) the “lites” I’d ignore in the mobula series starting out!

Make sure you check the “radio” tech it uses, think the THII is frsky, but not 100% sure!

Ok thank you, TH II is probably a more solid option then.

I’m sorry but I’m a little confused, the voltage on the 2s looks bigger but the mAh is smaller, does this mean that it has more power but less flight time? or maybe more power means it uses less mAh per second?

also completely beside the point but I have the same keyboard and IKEA desk as that :laughing:

Both FrSky D8 apparently… Thugh if upgrading your radio and new to hobby I’d look at ELRS (though let’s not confuse that for now!)

Maybe you will need to pick on stock levels! heh!

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Ah ok, I’ve been told that the Zorro radio is good so I might get that, is it ELRS compattaboe, and doesn’t that mean express Lrs?

Oh don’t get me onto electonics and calculations. You probably get the same, but you get a LOT more power. I actually have around 20 whoop batteries, varying from 300 → 650mah. You add weight more mAh. So technically I guess you got 600mah of 1s with those 2s 300mAh, but it’s slightly heavier!

Buy more batteries, I wouldn’t worry TOO much about flight time, it is “dissapointing”, you get 4 mins probably on the TH2, think that metoer65 is less, but it was outdoors and faster! I’d have at least 8 batteries. I know the THII changes it’s settings depending on what battery connected (so no need to manually change things). You get used to flying for 3/4 mins and then swapping another, and then continually charging them.

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