Betaflight 4.4 RTH Function 🤩

New RTH function added in Betaflight 4.4 actually lands itself! :exploding_head:

If you want this… just use INAV… :man_shrugging:

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Does INav land itself too Steve? I didnt realise that lol
Its not really a function Im after on my quads but I do think its pretty cool and could be helpful for newbies starting out

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Fine statement after what happened Saturday :laughing:

Sounds like theres a story there somewhere :laughing:

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Yes, on multirotors, with precision comparable to DJI
For planes it’s a circle round dropping height and hoping it doesn’t catch a tree on the way down etc…

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That was on a plane, and I need to see why. It landed yours perfectly some months back didn’t it :+1:


Ouch! What happend Steve?

We don’t know yet. The plane did a rth, but carried on :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

The sanity check kicked in at 500m and an emergency landing was initiated. Its meant to circle overhead

Was that the spiral of death? I thought it had stalled or something

It did. The emergency landing had a throttle value of 1000. So zero power

For some unknown reason the default value for ‘failsafe_throttle’ is 1000 (pwm) i.e. zero throttle
so at 107 mtrs high it’s gliding capabilities were insufficient :scream:

I’m a Pawel Patreon so I’m sending him the detals and vid and see if he has any clues. :man_shrugging: shru

:laughing: Karl beat me to it

That seems like a silly default setting lol

Cant you override the failsafe once its activated?

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Its a good one in an emergency. Imagine half throttle. Especially on a quad.

Its a last ditch attempt at a landing

Zero (1000mS) is not good, if it’s got to fly in circles and descend it needs some thing like 1200 / 1300 to keep the prop turning in the wind

But an emergency may meen stuck flaps. It could circle to space

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So really we are talking ‘drop’ not ‘land’, which is what we saw on Saturday :frowning_face:

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