Betaflight has stick and switch input but no power to the motors

Just replaced my ESC like for like really checked all the wiring between the nFC & ESC and all correct. When hooked up to BF I have stick and switch input but no power to the motors, also when powered up in BF the motors wont turn. Im convinced its something to do with the links between the FC&ESC as thats were it receives it signal right ?..

Are you getting the startup tones correctly?


Have you plugged in a battery?

It’s connected right then. Might be a setting in bf

:point_up:t2: done this a few times. :laughing:

I have

My thoughts just about to hook up to BF again and see what I can change, wounder if a re-flash will help ??

Just plugged in to bheli and got this

Reflashed the FC and hooked up to the motor Tab, when you use the sliders its like the motors want to go as you get a ticking sound and a slight and movement…

Reflash the esc as per manufacturers instructions. What esc is it?
Are you sure you are getting all five startup tones?

Skystars KO55 55A 4in1 ESC

Tried flashing it but got the above…

Seems to be a BLHeli_S (not 32bit ESC)

if it’s this one:

If that’s the case try again with and shove BlueJay on

I that’s the badger, never ran Blue Jay does it make a difference ???, is that were you can choose your own start up tune :metal:

Cheers for that, if I was going on Sat I would get you a :tropical_drink: in :wink:

Done the same thing myself using the wrong configurator, now you know, you know! 2 things Bluejay gives you over BLHeli_S, is yes the annoying start up tones (that I like to use), but more importantly is bi directional DShot! Think they all just say get rid of BLHeli_S and shove bluejay on. Obviously for the BLheli_32 ESCs, they fine and stick with that!

For a 5inch you want 24 or 48, probably 24 BTW. Smaller quads use 96 :slight_smile:

Why you not coming?! Pffft… I wanted you to teach me to fly :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Would of love to but my Dad’s not been well and don’t want to run the risk of getting there only to get a call and have to come home as he’s back in hospital again :person_facepalming:

Im sure Karl can show you a few things, especially when he’s had a few beers :rofl: :rofl:

Besides I might not have out to fly at this rate :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Yeah I got 2 to finish before thursday night… eeek! Better get on with it. One just a simple cam/mipi cable replacement I hope, the other a full wing build!!! Still the other 6 things fly and OK!

And yeah, hope he’s OK, not nice to be far away in that situation

Bought another wing :thinking::thinking:
What is it ?