Birds Attacking My Drone

Birds Attacking my drone old video from last year

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“Attacking”? Flying around it and near to it, yes … but I don’t see an attack.


This is more of an “attack” …

… or …

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The real shame about this is that, since it approached from behind … and I wasn’t recording, just descending, I don’t have video.

Ok might have worded it wrong should have put Birds flying close by


Could you claim on insurance for that?

Nope. Don’t bother with insurance. In the almost 6 years I’ve had drones it would have cost more than a drone. New shell and anti-vibration plate only £30.


Oystercatchers are ground nesters and a patch of stones or grass beside a river would be ideal… like the one you flew over at 0:20. Likely they were trying to chase/harass this unknown threat away from their young.

Without wishing to get all preachy or teach anybody how to suck eggs, as a general rule if you find yourself harassed like this by birds during spring/summer (whether flying a drone or just out for a walk), it’s best to just move along. Aside from it being an offence to intentionally disturb nesting birds, if they can’t chase you away there’s a good chance they’ll abandon the nests and their chicks will die.


Thanks Joe,
Good advice!