Birnbeck Pier Weston-Super-Mare

My edited video of Birnbeck Pier in Weston-Super-Mare. I took the footage in the summer. It is a derelict pier which is over 100 years old (built 1867) It was closed to the public in 1994. It is the only pier in the UK that joins an island to the mainland. Hope you enjoy :grinning:


Tried that in the summer also and got stopped by the Beach warden .
Got told that drone flying is forbidden on Somerset beaches .
The guy was ok and we left on good terms .
He also told me what time in the morning he starts and when he finishes . Subtle hint from him when to fly …

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Just looked at a pdf from the somerset website…guess the average age of the people working there is 10 !
It suggests that a drone flyer could be in breach of the data protection act is “collecting information about individuals” welol we would not be unless a private eye would we ? like you fly a drone in a new area where you dont know a soul so you are not “collecting information about individuals” are you ?
It also gos on to say it is illigal to fly “your” drone over “congested areas such as streets, towns, cities, publicspaces and especially airports” so reading it then if it were not my drone and someone elses I’d be fine !..
It also says to follow CAA guidlines to the word so a little contradictive to the 50m rule then ?

Great video like the music and what a shame about the pier, past saving now I guess but what a great location.


Had no problems when I flew there, must have been lucky :grinning: It was fairly late in the evening though on both days I filmed so maybe the warden had finished.

When I looked into flying here I noticed in the PDF that it says permission won’t be granted for hobbyist flyers to take off, land or fly over council land or property. I researched the land and property they own and Birnbeck is just outside the area they own. Yeah it’s a shame that it got in such a state


My main issue with these councils is how they just make up these “rules” that they automaticly expect us to concent to and do as we are told mate.
One of my other posts I suggested that the way I felt were as long as I am not harming anyone I do not see that I have broken a law, they also have vauge ideas such as this map of whats right and whats wrong, try taking pictures of a building owned by a buisness and they will do the same and try and enforce a rule they made up, we are free human beings and all great (well most !) in our own way.


Yeah, I agree with you on that one they just make up these silly rules which are completely over the top and restrictive. I find it annoying how hardly anyone has a positive opinion of drones. The rules should be there just to make sure that no one is put in danger like you say not stop us flying drones altogether like In Some cases


Great video & good choice of music. I have visited a few times but it has been either too windy or too many people about to have a flight.

I went at half 6 in the morning. And he was about .

Most of the council policies aren’t worth the “paper” they’re written on - they’re just that a policy, and the absolute most they can do is declare you a trespasser and ask you to move on. There are some councils which have a Public Spaces Protection Order in place (PSPO), such as Hillingdon in London, that’s a different kettle-of-fish and you can in theory get a serious fine. They don’t apply in many places, but worth keeping an eye out for councils introducing them, as they’re very difficult to do much about.

Yes, tresspass is only tresspass if you are causing harm, they lead us to believe that there is tresspass in the UK but there is only really agrivated tresspass, as long as you are not causing harm, I have done lots of reading on all this as I feel in todays day and age we are being resricted more and more and not just flying a drone but in all walks of life.

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Tresspass is a civil matter and not criminal and then it is hard prove .

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Very hard indeed.

I like the subject, the edit and music do it justice.

However, isn’t a pier that links an island to the mainland called a bridge? :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Some great shots in that video and music to match!!

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Good point, it is definitely classed as a pier but I guess it technically is a bridge

Nice vid!

This adds the Coastal Flyer Badge to your profile! :+1:

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