Black Friday 20% off at Airdata UAV

Airdata UAV are offering 20% off on a Black Friday deal. Voucher code: BLACKFLYDAY17

I use the freebie version, as do a few others here.

I’m tempted by the “HD 360 Gold” package on an annual subscription (to save even more)… really tempted!

I only use the free one, this is tempting though


I bit the bullet and signed up to the HD 360 Gold package :helicopter:

The $76.89 came down to $61.51 but not sure what that is in real money, will let you know when it clears my bank :slight_smile:

Shows on my bank statement as £47.59 :+1:

Then my bank charged me £1.25 for a “currency conversion” fee. The robbing bastards!!

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Not bad at all, just bought the same package.

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Just typing all my battery details in to it now :+1:

Because I can :smiley:

All battery details entered. I also tidied up my old drones and set them to “not active”, merged two which were the same, etc.

Now sitting looking at a clean and tidy profile.

Hoping to fly tomorrow, it’s rained here for six days straight :frowning:

Heads up, Air Data are offering 20% for a limited time (til 21st Feb)

Voucher code: 4MIL

What is this website ? Purpose ?

Hi @chrishackney1985 it’s a site that can pull the raw data in from your DJI flight logs / account and display some really geeky stats :nerd_face:

Handy for battery health monitoring too :+1:

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