Blackburn Council have banned flying drones

Just heard via my local BMFA club that Blackburn Council have banned flying drones and RCs of any weight in their parks. Apparently Burnley the same. My club at Fleetwood rents a field from local council and it may well spread to other Lancashire Councils is the worry.

Don’t have further info at moment but looks like these restrictions are likely to spread further.

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@johnbirt I have moved your post to a thread about Blackburn (instead of the one about Coventry)

Just TOAL from the road outside and then walk in…

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Banning drones seems to be the new ‘pandemic’ It’s getting to the point when I wonder was it worth doing the A2 Cof C if you end up with nowhere to fly. It’s frustrating as I only got a drone to add to my photography hobby and get shots from a different perspective.


Its strange the next wars drones will be used. And the future deliverys will be drones. But yet to see will be drones

And the council are banning drones does not make sense.

I doubt they have “legally” banned flying… you need to check this out, put in the search for you council and see what they have in place, legally… if they want to have a NFZ they need to apply to the CAA who then apply to the Secretary of State to sanction it, this is a big undertaking, very unlikely they have done this and basically just made up a regulation that has no bearing in law.



Just looked for you, they say…

“There are no specific bylaws that govern model aircraft flying in Blackburn. However there is a risk assessment for the activity…” so no bylaws equal end of story… the CAA clearly say there can be NO additional risk assessments unless flying article 116 as the risk mitigation is within the Licence held.
Challenge the council… Cheers.

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FRZ surely ?

Hi, just the extract from CAP 722, I’m no expert on this, just showing even lesser experts where to start… ha-ha. Extract below…
“Airspace restrictions applicable to UA may be established by the CAA on behalf of, and with the approval of, the Secretary of State in accordance with the UK Air Navigation Order (article 239) when the Secretary of State deems it necessary in the public interest.”

Have a read of the following, in a nut shell FRZ are restricted areas around airports and the like. NFZ are the areas DJI don’t want you to fly their products in.

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Was just reporting what my local BMFA club circulated the other day. Some members have flown big RCs there in the past. Even they have said probably not a good area for their craft.

I would have thought though that local councils had control over whatever activity was and wasn’t allowed in their parks irrespective of NFZs and CAA? But I have no real knowledge or selfishly no real interest as I wouldn’t fly in a local park.

Not exactly sure what they are but I guess my local parks have plenty of restrictions on all manner of things.
Not relevant to me as wouldn’t ever be using parks in that area or any other but might be if my club on council rented land was affected. Doubt it will be but some members were a bit concerned.