Blackpool council are trying to include drones in their PSPO against anti social behaviour

This from Blackpool council consultation on introducing a blanket PSPO against anti social behaviour in their parks and recreation areas, they are including “remote controlled water, air and land based vehicles” so drones would come into that broad sector of anti social behaviour.

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From that list it looks like they class anything other than simply breathing as anti-social behaviour :frowning:


Blackpool has got this the wrong way round. The anti social behaviour must already exist and be evidenced as a problem that results in significant detriment to the community … they must also have considered alternative ways of controlling it before reaching for a PSPO.

This sounds like the have already decided they will have a PSPO, and are now fishing for anti-social behaviour to put into it.


the problem with questionnaires, is only those who bit¢¥, moan and have spare time fill them in… those who are too busy trying to make ends meet and tread above water can’t be bothered

hence a questionnaire with 10 negatives is seen as a bit problem in a parliamentary constituency of 100,000…

statistics gone mad!



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They should concentrate on the early evening pissheads on the promenade being abusive & vulgar while the place is full of young families. Seen it every time we’ve been recently and not a copper or council officer in sight.

So try enforcing a PSPO in relation to RC equipment :rofl:


ASBO is a cheap catch-all that can mean anything they want it to. They’re doing this because it’s easier than trying to develop a coherent policy that DOESN’T contravene existing aviation law. A perfect example of setting a snidey council solicitor loose to deal with what a bunch of pinch-nosed petty bureaucrats think is a problem. This is something that will be rolled out all over the UK in short order.

Have you got the link to that Phil, I’ll complete it.

maybe worth as many of us as possible completing such public consultations


I know they have been having issues at Stanley Park with dogs fouling and attacking the swans near the lake, not heard of any other issues.

dogs foul… it’s part of owning a dog.

it’s the owners that need to be monitored

(no I’m not a dog owner)

I am sure all it needs is for park wardens to stake out and hammer the park over a couple of weeks. if they cannot do it now how do they think they are going to do it with another piece of paper.

need boots on ground. get a few wildlife cameras in problematic areas to assist in evidence gathering and employ some concerned park users as temporary (free!!) wardens to assist.

do it a few times a year problem solved.

anyone can complete the consultation

That is the biggest pile of crap I have seen in a while. Why the hell do they need to know your gender and sexual orientation in relation to the questions being asked on the questionnaire?
I seriously question the motives of the woke generation :frowning:


They don’t say what the negative behaviours are but ask for comments on a broad range of issues.

Religion, Jedi.

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If they want a model policy, they could do worse than adopt the one recently announced by the Parks Trust who manage all the parks in Milton Keynes …. It’s well balanced and differentiates between recreational flyers and commercial flights.
Well worth a read


…. And it looks like you can complete it as many times as you like :+1:t3:


Apparently they’d have to justify that flying drones is a ** persistent** nuisance. I can’t see that flying a drone for 20 or so minutes, changing battery, then flying again for another 20 minutes could possibly be construed as persistent. How many drone operators go out and fly for say 6-8 hrs in one particular area / park ?
Seems to me Blackpool Council are extracting the proverbial urine.


you need to play the game better than the other side.

don’t worry about the religion and sexual orientation questions… all you do is provide a unique set of responses with the same answers to the core survey (that way you can show a diverse response from a large demographic)

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I have variously been male, female, bi, straight and aged from 25 up to 60+ so far