Blackpool illuminations 180 pano, Mini 2


Great puc and brave flying in the dark! Can I ask what drone/camera you shot that on???

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Title gives it away :wink:


Nice, hows the night vision flying those? found i can fly my quad in pretty much pitch black and still see fine which I didnt expect.

Doh! Can I retract my question?!!!


I use a Strobon Cree LED cable tied to one of the arms, you can get custom 3D printed holders for them from a member on here(someone will name him). But even without the strobe it is still quite easy to see.


I meant more through the FPV camera, mine just drops colour and goes greyscale and I can see perfectly in pitch black.

No problems with mine, the image you see on screen will vary in quality depending on your shutter settings, if you use auto settings there will be some lag and the exposure will vary, I use manual settings.

Link ?

To what?

The night flying, we’re all about the sharing

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I dont think i can send a hyperlink that will teleport you to my house at midnight im afraid.

Maybe in the future Marty, how about YouTube?

Ill have to setup DVR recording from my goggles for that as the action cam certainly does not work in the dark

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