Blackpool NFZs

Has something changed in Blackpool?
I went to check for any DJI NFZ’s but there isnt one around the airport anymore…Im assuming the airport is still there and active?

All I’m seeing is this now

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Thanks… well, thats a bit of a glaring omission from DJI then.
So basically anywhere north of the central pier should be good.

Wouldn’t trust their mapping, or their made up NFZ shit either

@Diveuk is our resident Blackpool expert, he’ll be able to help out ;o)

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DJI crap geozones have never covered Blackpool airport, do not get caught out though, check Drone Scene and you will clearly see Blackpool NFZ. also the windmill at Lytham ST.Anns is NOT in either blackpool or Warton NFZ’s but according to DJI it is in a NFZ.

Yep, Central Pier and anywhere North of there is good, if you want to fly South of the pier Blackpool ATC are really helpful 0125347252.

I once contacted Warton ATC for permission to fly on a Saturday morning, the reply I got was “we don’t work weekends so carry on” but I still contact them out of courtesy.

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Perfect, thanks for the info.
Wil definitely get up there at some point soon.

Dji have never had the airport on for some bizarre reason.
But as above ATC are very helpful. And as Phil has said Warton are even better at the weekends the reply i got was “we are shut on Saturday, fill your boots”