Blast from the past - my 1st near-miss 😃

From waaay back, I bring you… My squeeky bum moment - Circa 2014 :smiley:
It’s my old Blade 350QX with an FPV setup, OG Sharks and a 100mw tx, (Crap), and the smallest 720p camera I could find at the time for recording.
I actually went between the posts - from the side, at full tilt - you can hear the wind reverberate off the post as it fly’s through. In my defence it was super windy and in ATTI mode. I was aiming to pass behind it :man_facepalming:
Apologies for the Video quality - just shows how far the hobby has come on in the last few years.
Also - I no longer fly that low at that speed.

Playing Rugby with a Quad

This setup was rigged by my m8 jerry :wink: