Bloody weather! ... and flyability

Yikes …

The large park area near where I am staying in LA is in an FAA fly zone. I applied for permission to fly there and within 1 minute authorisation was granted.

Flying tomorrow morning.

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I mean with this weather my drone bag is just gathering dust and me distant memories of last summer scorchio’s temperatures, add to that that even if the weather was perfect, despite the cold, by the time I’ve finished work it’s as dark as the dark ages, and why is it that weekend weather is always shite?
I give up. I’ll retire to my shed and chop wood for the fireplace instead. Bo###cks :slight_smile:

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BBC Countryfile weather forecast - “Colder / dryer - clearer skies and possible drone flying misty/foggy patches.” :+1:

OK - I may have added the “drone flying” bit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Almost perfect where I am for the next six weeks…